Hi! Im Tony! You have Reached my Gaiaonline Page. Add me as a Friend, Comment my Profile, or Message me. I love making new friends!

Im a big fan of Anime, i have been watching it for 6 years, i started with Yugioh and Pokemon. I never really knew it was called Anime, i called it cool shows with awesome art. Then about 4 years later i started to watch Anime, and i knew it was called that. Shows I enjoy know are InuYasha, Soul Eater, and a few others.

I love Music. My favorite kinds would be Rock, Pop, Deathcore, and J-Pop. I listen to music everyday because it helps bright my mood. My favorite bands would be Scary Kids Scaring Kids, System of a Down, Breaking Benjamin, and a few others.

I love my Friends. I'm out hanging out them discussing anime or just having fun. You can never have to many friends, so add me?