Things to know about me:

- I hang out mostly in the B/C, with a few posts when I'm exchanging items in the exchange.

- I was formerly Thornless Rose (Restless Honor is an anagram of Thornless Rose, thanks to Jun, Maxx and everyone at HyTech for the idea) and Psyren before someone hacked me and got my accounts banned.

- I enjoy Japanese music and television and have helped a few groups in the past with subs.

- I enjoy chatting with others and RP'ing with my B/C children/adults/pets


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Working Towards a Restless Honor

Thoughts and dreams of a Gaian displaced


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heart heart
Kris Watkins

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Kris Watkins

Hi ^^
Thanks for buying, I really really appreciate it xD hope you have a nice day
Thanks again~

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Thank you so much for the purchase! =)
Nice profile!
Cosmic Space Orange

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Cosmic Space Orange

*paints her profile green*


Back again it seems!

Formerly known as Thornless Rose