je m'appelle responsive. Enchante.

comment please

Hello, this is responsive! But you can call me gigs or ree :3. So i am currently a junior in high school. I am in my school's anime club and a cheerleader. Im also filipino, but im not the shove down your throat pinoy pride types. My dream job is to become a fashion designer. Runway or indie type, i havent decided yet. I curse a lot, so dont take that too seriously. But i am very kind, even too noobs.
Yes, i do watch anime. I watch shojos, shonens, ecchis, psychological, sports and ecchi. Some animes i watched are deathnote, one outs, shugo chara, junjou romantica, FLCL, eyeshield 21, code geass, sora no otoshimono, kurosh*tsuji, lucky star, air, vampire knight. and more to come :3
I love watching football. I <3 the miami dolphins. I draw avi art. You may request for one if i like you ;D