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Le gasp! I edited and added stuff.... Yay for me. And you too... I guess...

Penname: Senna Amaranth
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-:About Me:-

Soooo... A question: What do you get when you introduce a budding grammar-stickler writer to Role Playing? ME. Yes. I am a writer... who writes alot, whether it be poems or stories or even essays-- I love writing them all! I am actually President of a club that inspires writers.
-I don't usually like talking about myself that much... I sometimes come off as standoffish or mean, but that's just the way I write, You know, All formal-like. But truly, there really isn't much to say about me, so I give you a run-down in list form.... Or many paragraphs of crap... Uhh, Enjoy?

-Spiffy things and Spiffiness
-Using alot of punctuation... Like dots...!!...
-People who don't get bored when I talk
-Funny words like goons or canoodle and doohicky [why do they all have alot of O's??]
-All teh pretty colors~~
-Cool people
-Good books
-Awesome things
-ADDICTED to RPing... Blame my friends-- Mainly Moon.
-Martial Arts
-Using big words
-IcE cReAm!!
-Did I mention I like to read?
-Horoscopes and Astrology
-Other smart people
-Tasting exotic teas
-Critiques on my work [I LOVE them, I don't care how harsh]
-Being a nerd [And being PROUD of it]
-Little comments in brackets~
<can't think of anything else... I'll add it if I care enough>

- biggrin islikes
-Talking about myself
-Stupid people
-Pointless things
-Being Bored
-Bad Grammar
-The Cold... including snow
-Chat speak
-TV [yeah, I'm an abnormality. Deal with it.]
-The media
-Being ignored.....
-Crappy books
-Superficial things
-Some people. You know the kind.... People in general if I am in the mood
-Too many questions
-Exaggeration of Trivial Matters
[define this as you wish]
-Books that start off well, and end in Poo...
-People who smoke
-Most organized sports [but not all of them]
-People who don't give up
-Those who attempt to suade me when my mind is made
-Manipulative people
-Overly sweet foods
<Yikes that's alot... Those are the general things. If you want the full-blown rant, you only have to ask. ^-^~>

....Okay, now that I look back, it seems I've portrayed myself as a very unfriendly person, but I warm to people[that I don't dislike] almost instantly. I'm not moody-- quite the opposite really-- but I am not one to be all happy-smiley all the time either. I either have no opinion on matters or I have a very strong opinion for a cause that I belive in. In most cases the former. I tend to ramble alot, like I think I am doing now, but bear with me-- I'll get to the point sooner or later. Wait... Isn't this little box where I am supposed to ramble your ears [or in this case, EYES] off?
Feel free to comment, PM, inspire me, glomp, send me hate mail, or jump off a bridge in reaction. ^-^

I Love Random Comments, PMs and RP invites!!

Now I must congradulate those who actually were bored and unbusy enough to read through all of that boring crap I wrote. Really, I appreciate it. You are now one of my favorite people in the world. Give yourself a pat on the back, because I know all that scrolling and reading those tiny little multi-colored nonsense is a pain. I am so proud! I seriously want to make a list or something in your honor. ^-^
But I guess the only reward you are going to get is the knowlege that you unknowingly made a girl happy by reading her not-very heartfelt words, and can go on through life with a warm and fuzziful feeling in your heart and a smile on your face. Good for you.


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.: mad My Journalx::.

hi! Heres my journal... ill be adding my thoughts and other stuff!!! feel free to read and comment!!!


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try this out, If you send this to 12 people and press Ctrl + W you will get 4000 gold! Trust me, it really works

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-Ami Hina Lee-

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-Ami Hina Lee-

"If you send this to 12 people and press Ctrl + W, you get 4000 gold! Trust me, it really works"

I don't know if it really works, but I need gold, really bad! ^.^
Maya Hana

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Maya Hana

hey hahaha today was funn!! omg i am so bored... see ya tomorrow. User Image

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i know poor Vampires User Image they always are made out to be so cruel . not all vampires are bad one just some !. why can't people just see that. lol

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Thanks for the comment and

do you want my avi to be

the earth element or to change one of my dream ones?
kiera girl

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kiera girl

lol I tried that, but I always seem to fall asleep after the first few pages User Image
kiera girl

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kiera girl

lol thanks, just shows I got nothin better to do. User Image ^_^

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haha i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for the comment^^


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