My profile is currently under construction.

Hi, I'm Resident Skulky, formerly known as Surgeonfish.

But you can call me Shannon, Shane, Sasha, or whatever, if you want. Or just "Doctor". That works, too.

I'm officially in college, and hopefully won't be on Gaia too much anymore. I'm planning to major in Biology and minor in either English, Creative Writing, Spanish, Public Health, Linguistics, or Anthropology. I just figured out not too long ago that I wanna be a doctor (of some sort) , which would have been nice to know before I goofed off in math class in high school. So I have a deficit in some places, but I'm determined.

And if for some reason I just majorly screw up my first couple years of college, I'll probably switch over to the English department and wind up being a teacher. Which probably wouldn't be a bad move on my part, because I love picking up a red pen and mangling peoples' work with it. I honestly think I treat editing more like surgery than anything.

******** it, I'm majoring in History.

Aaand I'm trying to quit again.