I am a high school student. I have great friends and work on a horse farm.

By the way make sure to check out my journal regularly, because i plan to keep the stories coming. Oh yeah feel free to comment.

-Darkness gives rise in the depths of the mind
Light is born in the heart
And the Eternal struggle begins again

-There are those who run from the darkness
Then there are those who combat the darkness.

-There is nothing in darkness to fear,
its whats past it you need to fear.

Favorite Quote

"Spartans what is your profession" Spartans answer "war! war! war!"
The King "see old friend I brought more soldiers than you" -300

Spartan King Leonidas: Spartans! Enjoy your breakfast, for tonight we dine in Hell! -300

Spartan King Leonidas: This is where we fight! This is where they die! -300

Spartan King Leonidas: A new age has come, an age of freedom. And all will know that 300 Spartans gave their last breath to defend it. -300

Persian Emissary: This is madness!
Spartan King Leonidas: Madness? This is Sparta! -300

The GOOD, The BAD,
And The UGLY:

Man With No Name: Every gun makes its own tune.

Tuco: There are two kinds of spurs, my friend. Those that come in by the door; those that come in by the window.

Tuco: There are two kinds of people in the world, my friend: Those with a rope around the neck, and the people who have the job of doing the cutting.

[surveying some Civil War carnage]
Man With No Name: I've never seen so many men wasted so badly.

Tuco: God is on our side because he hates the Yanks.
Man With No Name: God is not on our side because he hates idiots also.

Man With No Name: You may run the risks, my friend, but I do the cutting. We cut down my percentage - uh, cigar? - liable to interfere with my aim.
Tuco: But if you miss you had better miss very well. Whoever double-crosses me and leaves me alive, he understands nothing about Tuco.


-Man running with Camera Phone: [running through the chaos caused by the falling protoforms] Wow... this is the coolest thing I've ever seen. This is easilly a hundred times cooler than Armageddon... I swear to god

George W. Bush: [to Air Force One flight attendent] Can you wrangle me up some Ding-Dongs, darlin'?

Optimus Prime: With the Allspark gone, we cannot return life to our planet. And fate has yielded its reward: a new world to call home. We live among its people now in plain sight, but watching over them in secret, waiting, protecting. I have witnessed their capacity for courage, and though we are worlds apart, like us, there's more to them than meets the eye. I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars: we are here, we are waiting.

Autobot Jazz: What's crackin' little bitches?
Sam 'Spike' Witwicky: Where'd he learn to talk like that?
Optimus Prime: We learned Earth's language through the World Wide Web.
Autobot Jazz: This looks like a cool place to kick it!

by the great Mel Brooks

Dole Office Clerk: Occupation?
Comicus: Stand-up philosopher.
Dole Office Clerk: What?
Comicus: Stand-up philosopher. I coalesce the vapors of human existence into a viable and meaningful comprehension.
Dole Office Clerk: Oh, a *bullshit* artist!
Comicus: Hmmmmmm...
Dole Office Clerk: Did you bullshit last week?
Comicus: No.
Dole Office Clerk: Did you try to bullshit last week?
Comicus: Yes!

Josephus: Do not fear, we are now armed with mighty joint!

Empress Nympho: Say Bob, do I have any openings that this man might fit?
Crowd: Whooooaaaaaaa!
Bob: Well, we could use another wine steward.
Josephus: Hey, I got a great corkscrew.
Crowd: Whoooaaaaaaa!
Josephus: Damn, this a hip crowd!

Jacques: Don't cry, my dear. I may not have been born a king, I may not have lived like a king. But at least I can die like a king.
[He strides to the guillotine with dignity]
Executioner: Your Majesty, do you require a blindfold?
Jacques: None.
Executioner: Have you any last request?
Jacques: None.
Executioner: Test the guillotine!
[Another executioner triggers the guillotine; the blade comes down and chops the head off a wooden dummy]
Jacques: *Holy s**t!* Uh, wait! Wait! Last request, I have a last request!
Executioner: What is your last request?
Jacques: Uh, novocaine.
[the executioners confer]
Executioner: There's no such thing known to medical science!
Jacques: I'll wait!

Marcus Vindictus: Don't you know your right flank from your left flank?
Captain Mucus: I'm sorry sir, I flunked flank.
Marcus Vindictus: You flunked flank? Get the flunk out of here!

Leader of Senate: All fellow members of the Roman senate hear me. Shall we continue to build palace after palace for the rich? Or shall we aspire to a more noble purpose and build decent housing for the poor? How does the senate vote?
Entire Senate: ******** THE POOR!

Miriam: Miracle! Oh, what a beautiful name! What's yours?
Comicus: Miracle. Uh, Comicus. I'm a stand-up philosopher.
Miriam: Oh, I'm Miriam, I'm a vestal virgin.
Comicus: I'm really sorry to hear that.

Judas: No. No. Leave us alone!
Comicus: All right, all right! Jesus!
Jesus: Yes.
Comicus: What?
Jesus: What?
Comicus: What?
Jesus: Yes.
Comicus: Jesus!
Jesus: Yes.
Comicus: What?
Jesus: What?
Comicus: You said what.
Jesus: Yes.
Comicus: Nothing.

Moses: The Lord, the Lord Jehovah has given unto you these fifteen...
[drops one of the tablets]
Moses: Oy! Ten! Ten commandments for all to obey!


Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once - Julius Caesar

When they call the roll in the Senate, the Senators do not know whether to answer 'Present' or 'Not guilty.'
-Theodore Roosevelt

"Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of congress; but I repeat myself."
-Mark Twain

I have been studying the traits and dispositions of the "lower animals" (so-called), and contrasting them with the traits and dispositions of man. I find the result humiliating to me. For it obliges me to renounce my allegiance to the Darwinian theory of the Ascent of Man from the Lower Animals; since it now seems plain to me that that theory ought to be vacated in favor of a new and truer one, this new and truer one to be named the Descent of Man from the Higher Animals.

-the Lowest Animal, Mark Twain

He has just one stupendous superiority. In his intellect he is supreme. The Higher Animals cannot touch him there. It is curious, it is noteworthy, that no heaven has ever been offered him wherein his one sole superiority was provided with a chance to enjoy itself. Even when he himself has imagined a heaven, he has never made provision in it for intellectual joys. It is a striking omission. It seems a tacit confession that heavens are provided for the Higher Animals alone. This is matter for thought; and for serious thought. And it is full of a grim suggestion: that we are not as important, perhaps, as we had all along supposed we were.

-the Lowest Animal, Mark Twain

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect."
-Mark Twain

Of the delights of this world, man cares most for sexual intercourse. He will go to any length for it-risk fortune, character, reputation, life itself.
-Mark Twain

If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.
-Mark Twain

Mark Twain:

Always do right--this will gratify some and astonish the rest

Abraham Lincoln:

I desire so to conduct the affairs of this administration that if at the end, when I come to lay down the reins of power, I have lost every other friend on earth, I shall at least have one friend left, and that friend shall be down inside me.

Bill Cosby:

A word to the wise ain't necessary, it's the stupid ones who need the advice.

William Shakespeare:
And, when he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of Heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.


Choas Notes

This journal will chronicle the real and not so real events of my life. So this all i got say about my journal. Peace out.



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