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the strange and wonderous world of the Requiem Rosario

hello and welcome. my name is Sierra, but you may call me Requiem Rosario, or be creative and come up with something on your own!

well, my friend, where do we begin in this, the describing of the complex, eccentric, reclusive, and no doubt mad entity that is Sierra, Saint Sorroe? i shall begin at my passions--the all-consuming joys of my existance.

writing is my muse. it is to write that i live, and without this, i would surely be more of a babbling idiot than i am now. the characters that i create are more real to me than most of the people that i know, and thus i am their instrument. they speak their troubles, their joys, their sorrows, pains, sufferings, loves, triumphs and their defeats through me, and i simply try my best not to screw up what it is that they are saying. i have a tendancy to live in my head, the strange realm of my eccentric imaginings. reality bores me, in short. i much prefer the world of my own design.

as well as writing, i love to read. to escape the harshness of everyday life for hours, this is my means. without my books, well, i do believe sanity would have fled much sooner. my favorite authors slash literary muses are the amazing Anne Rice, Dan Brown, the Immortal mister Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, monsieur Stephen King, among others.

Music is also a means by which i may flee to my own realm. my preference is classical and instrumental, but i do occasionally listen to music with words if i feel that it reminds me of a character i have created (i do not mean chant-i desperately love chant, and regardless of if it has relevance to a character/plot/scene, i will listen to it.) most of the music you hear is what i listen to as i write. music is a fuel for my abysmal, furnace-like imagination, and there is never any shortage of fuel. i also write and play my own music, playing piano, french horn (such a delightful instrument!!), and an aspiring student of the beautiful cello and violin.

i am also a blindly devoted theatre student. i love theatre, and have had the wonderful fortune to help our One Act Play's production of "The Women of Lockerbie" advance on to various stages of competition.

ask any being who knows me, and they will tell you that i love these things more than anything in the world: cathedrals, rosarys, france, architecture, the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, victorian dresses, stained glass windows, wind and snow, roses, and europe. rather obviously, i am an odd little one, but i do believe that that is why many of those who love me do so (we can only hope!)

so, you have seen (in a nutshell) the very strange and wonderous world that belongs to me. if there is anything you wish to know, please feel free to send me a message.

Sincerely yours,
Sierra DeM.

the collective imaginings of Sierra de Montfort

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the strange and wonderous world of the Requiem Rosario

here you will find several of my stories, character descriptions, and various other things that i will from time to time write. please, enjoy this little glimpse into the innerworkings of my mind. --sincerely, Sierre DeM.


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JoJingYangYo Report | 04/10/2012 8:21 pm
Love Your Art! Wonder If You're Busy... I Have A Question
FaNaTiC CaNDY FRUiT Report | 07/15/2010 4:45 pm
Lol, its ohkay :3
I really like the art biggrin its purrrdy :$
I didnt mind the wait :p
N a n n e r p u s Report | 04/29/2010 1:58 pm
N a n n e r p u s
Thank you for the kind comment on my Shostakovich picture in the art arena. 3nodding
imawsome708 Report | 02/05/2010 4:58 pm
yes am
imawsome708 Report | 02/05/2010 3:37 pm
i like to coment for money
imawsome708 Report | 02/03/2010 9:12 pm
im writing on random peoples profiles
Gwion Vaughn Report | 01/31/2010 2:18 am
Gwion Vaughn
Thank you for buying my Bewitched Broom.
CheeseLogHouse Report | 01/30/2010 9:58 pm
??? im confused sweatdrop
CheeseLogHouse Report | 01/30/2010 8:15 pm
lol again
CheeseLogHouse Report | 01/30/2010 6:16 pm
that costs alittle bit of money correct


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"O rose, who dares to name thee?
No longer roseate now, nor soft, nor sweet,
But pale, and hard, and dry, as stubblewheat,--
Kept seven years in a drawer, thy titles shame thee."
-- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Lovely OC art By Meine Notizen <3

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Hakushaku Berumondo
Requiem Rosario

"If I am mad, it is mercy! May the gods pity the man who in his callousness can remain sane to the hideous end!" H.P. Lovecraft "The Temple"

"Hide me from me. Fill these holes with eyes for mine are not mine. Hide me head and need for i am no good; so dead in life so much time. Be wing, and shade my me from my desire to be hooked fish. That worm wine looks sweet and makes my me blind. And too, my heart hide for i shall at this rate it also eat in time." Stan Rice "cannibal" from Stone Lamb