Me and my Akwierdness

Ugh, where to begin? I guess I'll start with the basics. I'm a guy, I'm gay and I'm an artist.

Now on to the hard part. How to describe what is me without taking up half an hour of your precious time with pointless stuff you don't care about.

I suppose, to put it simply, I'm an artist that loves all forms of art. I don't care what it is, if it classifies as art, I'm probably going to like it. As a Graphic Designer/Aspiring Game Designer, realistic Digital Art fascinates me. I'm a gamer and I'm a Role-Player. My characters range from the young and inexperienced boys who know nothing of the world and it's ways all the way up to the older men who've been all over the world and know a bit about everything. If you Rp with me, you'll find that my characters are never normal. Be it something as simple as a strange birthmark or something as drastic as a terminal disease, my character will have something. I'm also an Angst Whore and find games/tv shows/books, pretty much anything except real life is far more appealing to me when riddled with angst.

I love Meta-science and the study of it and the occult, as well. I also fancy myself an amateur fencer and will probably love you to the end of time if you can show me a weapon I've never had the pleasure of seeing before.

I like fantasy and horror books but my favorite movies are comedies and action thrillers. When it comes to tv, I'm an anime addict and have yet to find one I didn't like after watching at least one episode. Unfortunately, I've also led a bit of a sheltered life and don't have a very long list of anime I've seen. Moving to the games I love so dearly, I'm a major RPG fan and Final Fantasy is my favorite game series of all time. I'm pretty good at puzzle games, too but I don't play sports games at all. I'm worse at the game versions than I am at the actual sports. =P

My birthday's the 20th of January and as of 2011, I'll be 22 summers in age. Oh, and I'm also an American-bred Irish boy who happens to like Latino boys. *winkwink*

Character List:

Name: Kaya Rayvn
Age: 24
Hair Color: silver with pink tips.
"Deformity": Heterochromia. Right eye is indigo, left is Amber

Name: Sterling Grey
Nickname: Odd
Age: 17
Hair Color: Black with natural red highlights
"Deformity": Ocular Albinism. Red Eyes.
Disability/Health Problems: Complete Dyslexia. Unable to read anything. Slight Photophobia. Astigmatism in the Right Eye. Needs Glasses.

Name: Lykas Fenrall
Age: 14. 3, if only counting true birthdays. Born Feb. 29th
Hair Color: Pale, ice blue
Eye Color: Lilac
Disability/Health Problems: Hemophilia. Free Bleeder. Mild Insanity. Loose grip on reality. Slips into a personal Wonderland from time to time.

Name: Jira-Kaya Strfoll XIV
Nickname: JK but prefers Jira for short.
Age: 15
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Disability/Health Problems/"Deformity: Proportionate Dwarfism. Appears to be a seven year old boy and will likely not grow any larger. Takes great offense to being teased for his height.

Name: Lenocks Deauboix
Age: 20
Hair Color: Fiery red-orange
Eye Color: Steel Grey
Disability/Health Problems: None, surprisingly. Actually, he has a genious IQ but prefers to simply remain an amateur inventor for fear that he'd get a swelled ego if he indulged his high intelligence by showing off.