Stalkers gonna stalk.

I'm Reqilon Goniv(pen name). My real name is Adam Cochran(sounds weird) and I live in Kentucky. I enjoy wizard101, facebook, a bit of gaia and a whole lot of youtube. I can draw pretty well and my writing is just as good. I might end up adding more pics when I feel like it.

Edit: I aspire for college and secondary education, I want to be a geologist or something along the lines of environmental studies. I should be in college by the fall of 2018. Wish me luck, guys, gals, cause college is not for kids, JUST SO YOU KNOW lol....

I have a youtube channel.

There ya go, you're welcome, mate.

I still live in Kentucky, but maybe one day that will change.

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Rotten the Warlock Report | 01/24/2018 8:33 am
Rotten the Warlock
We did indeed. ah good times. I've been good. Just living life at the fullest that I can provide. I'm 30 now, damn time sure flies over you when you don't notice it. lol
Necro Regulus Report | 01/18/2018 9:13 pm
Necro Regulus
That's cool, I'm in the same boat forever expanding on my music. Right now for me is any metal from the 1980s, preferably before 1986 for some unknown reason. I've always known who Diamond Head is thanks to Metallica covering almost every damn song on their first album Lightning To The Nations. But honestly I like the original better than what Metallica could do. I haven't gone through all of Diamond Head's stuff but so far yeah, the first album is winning. Their album Canterbury had like two songs that were pretty good other than that, eh. I ended up getting distracted by Omen and Blitzkrieg's first album. I'll get back them eventually.

And yeah Iron Maiden is always beautiful haha.
Necro Regulus Report | 01/17/2018 11:52 am
Necro Regulus
I could never get into Poison, I guess that's too much hair metal for me haha. Some other bands like Motley Crue and hell even some Ratt is okay so its not all bad. But for the most part NWOBHM is pure love, lately all I want to do is listen to Diamond Head's first album. I'm doing good, finishing up the daily house cleaning and maybe playing some Fallout 4. How are you?
NinjaXAssassin890 Report | 01/17/2018 7:42 am
Thank you 4 your purchase.
Xx Satanically YoursXx Report | 01/17/2018 7:35 am
Xx Satanically YoursXx
thank you for buying
Necro Regulus Report | 12/11/2017 9:50 am
Necro Regulus
Thanks for the friend request, hope all is well.
Rotten the Warlock Report | 12/03/2017 10:00 am
Rotten the Warlock
Dude its been ages. How are things?
mans not hot Report | 11/13/2017 12:38 pm
mans not hot
Thank you for buying!
Wycked Vindication Report | 11/08/2017 7:08 am
Wycked Vindication
Thanks for the friend request! smile
Necro Regulus Report | 11/07/2017 4:57 pm
Necro Regulus
Thank you for shopping at my store, it's much appreciated.

Into the flames of hell I go! (to get some tacos)

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HEY THERE BOYS AND GIRLS. It's Adam, and this is my Gaia Online page. Have fun visiting. Message me, I don't care what ya say, I love conversation.