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Choshojo Report | 08/04/2011 3:57 pm
Dude. I remember you.
Nathan Wallace Report | 03/12/2010 6:30 pm
Nathan was a bit surprised, couldn't tell why she hadn't taken the chance to punch him, he dropped it. "..I know."
"Thankless job.. I live for Shilo." His thoughts only briefly wandered to his seventeen-year graveyard shift enslavement.. He would never tell how he begun to revel in the chase and collection.. He'll be keeping that sadistic alternate persona concealed to his grave.
"I- I didn't mean to imply. . That your assistance is deathly required, I am perfectly capable.." He couldn't keep himself from sounding defensive though he was the one that had sounded so unintentionally needy. "You offered so I thought I would be polite. I certainly wouldn't allow you to see Shilo - I wouldn't say in the near future - She's.." He trailed off.. she's "ill", he'd only mentioned it a million times, he needed to stop repeating. He offhandedly accepted her offer to help hoping it would calm the irrational storm between them, give her some kind of insight being that he refused to talk to her for seventeen years. Keeping Nena and Magdalene out of Shilo's life the way he did was wrong, he knew. It was his protective instincts that made him defy Marni's wishes, he reminded himself of this, he felt it was justified and used it as an excuse to make himself feel better. Pangs of guilt still caught him these days. Being so conflicted all the time was the sign he needed to know he was human. He tried to ignore that she called him a bad influence but with a tone both calm and demanding he finally spoke again, "Shilo will never know I repo. No one ever said I was perfect but I wont be seen as a monster."
Nathan Wallace Report | 08/06/2009 12:34 am
I humbly redact what I said, I have to admit I see your point of view, I know that feeling.. I'm a hypocrite to stand here and tell you to force yourself to be happy when I've denied myself happiness all these years, arn't I?. . *He raised his brows and put on a weak smile when he finally looked up from the ground long enough for his eyes to meet her's.* I shouldn't be giving any advice I wouldn't take seriously myself, hmn? *His smile faded and in it's place came a deep sigh.* I'm not sure what I was thinking. You should take a good swing at me for that one.
Telling you how to run your life when I can't apply the same logic to myself. .

*His smile returned with the comment of being a good doctor and father to Shilo but he looked modest about it, knowing what he does intentionally to the girl's medicine he couldn't disagree more, and he only cleared his throat in reply.* Well the equipment, mostly fairly old hand-me-downs courtesy of GeneCo, doesn't seem to be off because of it but the blood analyzer could use a looking at. The backup generator is blown now. We're more in need of an electrician than anything.. I'd ask what you have in mind but I don't want to put you on the spot. It's enough that you show concern for Shilo, I shouldn't really ask much else, maybe you could come see her some time when she's more stable and rested.
Alistair Wallace Report | 07/26/2009 2:14 pm
I am a doctor. I mostly do medical treatment for those who cant afford new organs
Clever Scarecrow Report | 07/05/2009 12:33 pm
Why do you insist on bothering me?
Alistair Wallace Report | 05/07/2009 3:34 pm
::puts on a calm cool demeanor and looks at her:: Well Hello their Madame. Perhaps you can answer me which of the Repossession Officers took the liberty of executing my wife, Emerald Hood.
Clever Scarecrow Report | 04/27/2009 5:21 pm
Nathan Wallace Report | 04/26/2009 5:23 pm
The slightest effort could make you that much happier but you'd rather not? *Gives her a hard stare.* You'd rather stay the bitter person you are, like that really makes things easier on you as you imply..
*Takes a deep breath and wraps his coat tighter around himself, letting his previous thoughts hang, he changed tone so quickly for the new topic it was like talking to different person.* Shilo.. will be Shilo. *Smiles weakly.* She's on a new medicine so it's kind of--. . Well, she's doing better than she was.. But.. We've had some problems with the house lately, the power, it's made her condition harder to keep an eye on. I'm sure she's fine, though, I trust her.
Nathan Wallace Report | 04/26/2009 1:46 am
... *Sighed, rested his hands in the pockets of his gray coat, and adverted his gaze to the ground as well.*
I don't know about feeling useless, I know I felt a great deal of helplessness, for the longest time. Between the new job, Shilo, and the guilt that came with both.. I'm every bit a shock troop, really -- *He trailed off then, he was monologuing about himself and he wasn't sure why. He let an awkward silence descend as he thought to himself.* .. Success would be the best revenge, I heard once, I think it's fitting.. But I'm not talking about the success in finding who's responsible for Marni's death, as we may never, that would only make you feel more useless when you're not. . I think you should take some time to better yourself. Maybe loosen that death grip you have on the hope of revenge that's come to torment you.
Clever Scarecrow Report | 04/24/2009 1:45 pm
A terrifying combination of both.


Name: Nena Maria Zowie
Nickname: Nena or Zowie
Age: Thirty-Seven
Birthday: October Seventeenth
Occupation: Repo-Lady; Ex Doctor; specialized in Diagnosis and Children
The price: Lungs and Heart – previously had a heart and lung disease.

Eye color: They look like gems, with their sparkle and glitter. Narrowed, and angered, seeming constantly troubled. The vibraint green reminds us of street lights screaming go, but always wishing to stop. No mercy behind the glowing stare, like they never blink and never cry. Though you find kindness in them, from time to time, never do these blood soak eyes show you how she really feels. She a mystery, yet her eyes are like a light in the distant darkness.
Hair color: As the bark on the trees, so rough and frizzy. Do you always wear it pulled back? That ponytail raised high in the middle of your head, dare not a brown lock touch your shoulders. When it’s down you can see your reddish color running through it, like a polluted stream. It’s clumped together, most the time, from the careless blood that is splattered in it. Rumor has it that’s why it’s tinted red.
Build: When you glare down at those who are shorter, how rare it is to find someone who’s shorter then you. You stand a five foot five so small and petite. Most of your strength comes from your arms where you strike and flip. As most of your weight is in your thighs, one hundred and forty pounds, most is muscle from your midnight raids. She thinks she’s better then everyone, holding her head up high in this vast troubled world. She never shows her fear, she’s better then that, she’s got an attitude and she flaunts it.
Dressing style: She wears that costume, that strikes fear in our hearts. The Repo-Woman dare rises with her modified repo costume, the bandages wrapped tightly over her neck and face, the helmet exposing the back of he neck and her mouth. The sleeveless rubber costume with the collar rising to her chin, gloves attached at the sides and apron hovering over to protect her against blood splatter. Normally she would wear things as loose tops and jeans, but under the repo costume is tight fitting pants and shirt. Though her style is plain, she can spice it up should the occasion call. She prefers solid colors, nothing mixing or matching, blacks and whites mainly.

-Her Scalpel
-Flowers – Tiger lilies preferably
-Trusting Friends
-Chocolate – Dark preferably
-Her Job
-Intelligent Conversations
-The Largos
-Her Job
-The Police

-Supplies the Graverobber with bodies, and keeps him from getting his butt kicked by GeneCo
-Is bound by contract to Rotti; has had GeneCo lungs and heart infused in her
-Is supposed to be dead

Personality: Hot headed, sarcastic, and unpleasant. Many of these words describe Nena in a hand bag. Nena isn’t a polite child, she was raised with all the manners she would ever need but, well, fails to use them. She’s quite capable of being polite, even thought it’s sickly so. She’s just not very good company. She has the shortest of tempers and tends to snap out at anyone and anything that dare gives her the chance. They say that Marni took Nena’s kindness with her. All the kindness gone it left her with nothing but hate, hate for practically everything. She speaks with sharp, sarcastic comments that drive people to silence, since she’s unpleasant to talk with. She’s practically like the scrooge.

Whilst she hates on humanity, she has a soft side for the few she cares about. That would the deceased Marni Wallace and her cat Zela. Whenever Nena dares to speak her mind her eyes reflect whatever true emotion she is trying to pursue. Of course this leaves for faulty conversations, seeing as her shifty looks give her away should she be telling a lie. Aside from this she likes to be quite open and honest with people, from the most distasteful of insults to the kindest of encouragements. She’s not all bad, she’s just layered with buttons that are easily pressed.

-Maria Zowie – Gentern –Deceased
-Robert Zowie – surGEN –Deceased

-Marni Wallace –Deceased-
- Blind Mag

- Nathan Wallace

A bit of history
Nena’s life had been pretty boring from her years at school. Trying her best to become a Doctor, which wasn’t a hard task in the day and age she lived in. Doctors were in high need during her century. She of course, completed school as planned, and made her way through the ways of becoming a doctor. Knowing which parts went where and such, little did she know she was her own ticking time bomb of failure. Her heart and her lungs were cultivating against her to bring her to her knees. End her new ambitions being struck down before they were ever born. It was a woman, which she had met upon her being around the GeneCo building, Marni Wallace who had become her friend in her sudden illness. At the age of twenty, she was slowly dying, at the end of her strands when Manri came to the rescue. She persuaded Rotti to get her newest friend a surgery. Of course, all of Rotti’s surgeries came with some sort of deadly price. She signed a contract, a contract that entitled her to work for him.

When Marni found love in Nathan and not Rotti, the man snapped. He called upon his healthy worker, who had been catering as a surGEN to his office. The man, who had once been a savior, was now turning into a monster. He told Nena what he wanted of her, simply to be the person who went out and took back what he had given. When the depts. were not paid, it was she who would take. Nena at first protested this, saying it was inhumane. But soon, Rotti figured out a way around and made repossessing legal. Nena became Rotti’s first Repo. The job soon became, an enjoyment, though she hated the thought that she was killing people who needed these organs, she found herself also ripping them from people who shamelessly bought them for fashion. She didn’t mind that. She ended up being the Robin Hood Repo, she didn’t repo those who needed them for health reasons only, the ones who didn’t buy for fashion. As time progressed her charity was slimming, people bought more parts for fashion then heath these days.

Upon the night of Marni’s death, Nena followed Rotti dressed in her repo costume when he left in a panic. Unaware of the details, she too blamed Nathan for Marni’s dead, and threatened to kill him right there. Unfortunatly she was a witness to the secret of Marni’s true death that Rotti was to hide. Rotti’s squad men shot her. To Rotti’s misfortune, her repo costume was made for bullets. The uncanny case that someone would fight back, she was prepared. She found herself in the body dump, a man hovering about her. She, the waking dead, startled him and that’s when she met the Graverobber. After being saved by said chap, she marched her way to GeneCo. Like a ghost she demanded her new job to find it taken by her newest enemy. Nathan Wallace. Disgusted, she took the second seat, for GeneCo needed as many people as it could get.


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"She takes s**t from no one!"
Nena Zowie The Repo-Lady



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