A dark slightly illuminated room appeared as consciousness returned to a creature this world has yet to meet. "Where am I?" the creature spoke it's first words when a young face appeared over it and spoke, "Ah, you are awake. Now get up."
"But it hurts." the creature spoke trying to wipe some kind of gunk off its face then holding its hands in front of its face.
"This isn't mine...what...did you do to me?" it cried out as it clenched the hand to make sure it was controlling what it was seeing. Panic struck as the creature looked around at it's surrounds sitting up then looking down upon it's body feeling the skin and the stitches and scars that were still healing.
"What have you done!?" It wailed as it tried to scoot off the table only to drop to the ground. The creature looked up at the young person in front of it tears welled up in it's eyes. "Why?"
A smile crossed the young person's face followed by a somewhat sadistic laughter, "Ah, my young one. You are new to that body yet you are quite familiar with it." she spoke not moving closer to the creature or any farther. Just stood there and stared as it squirmed from the pain of ripping one of it's stitches and it's blood leaking out. "It would do well to keep your body from bleeding. Now what to call you..." It seemed there was no concern over it's pain as if it wasn't happening to it. The person tapped a finger upon her lips as she thought. "Ah, nice. You once belonged to an order long ago and I wish to name you upon which it was based, though slightly different so you may not know who you were. I shall name you, Repiv." she smiled at the cleverness of the name.
"Yes. Very good, and I am your master, you will call me but master untill I deem you worthy of my true name." she continued before walking over to a cabinet and opening it up to pull out a jar with sticks formed on the side in symbolistic style. A stench filled the room when she opened it and looked at the contents and shook her head before pulling out another and nodded. "Here it is.." she murmered to herself as she walked over to repiv and kneeling to it's side. "This will make you feel better, though I should really let you suffer after ruining my floor with your venom but no worries. You'll recieve that punishment later." she smirked as she applied the salve to the wound along with other areas as it continued to hold itself and squirm. "And if you'd stop Moving!" she yelled, its body falling still with little shivers coursing through its body as if it was held down by some force. "Yes, good boy." It was spoken, repiv was infact a male. He looked up at her with tears stock still on his face, his dull grey eyes scanning her features.
"Wonderful!" she exclaimed as she released him from his bonds where he curled up into a ball to escape the pain and this cruel woman. "Now...as I said before. Get up!" she yelled, repiv closing further into a ball as if it'd help make her go away, his body shaking in fear. "I will not ask again. Get up or you'll go back to whence you came." a calm tone. Frightfully sadistic yet it was calm. So very calm.
Repiv looked up at her, as he uncurled from his ball pushing himself up with great pain, cringing pain, only to be able to get onto all fours. "You are not a canine. You are my creation and I will not have you down there like a dog!" His master yelled as he cringed under her commanding voice. Scared, frightened he made his way to the table knowing it was either stand up or die. He remembered, he had already died, she had brought him back from death. Yet this was not his body. A long scrawny body, flesh wounds all over it. It wasn't his body yet he was there and he was controlling it. What had she done?
"I did not order you to think. I told you to get up!" she commanded with a deep feminine voice that had birds taking to the air for miles. Repiv cringed and pushed himself up as best as possible only able to bend over the table to stable his legs. His legs, they were far skinnier than he thought. Repiv shook his head to get the thoughts out so that he wouldn't be punished as he continued to get his bearings straight. Learn quickly was the way to survive, a surviver he was and a quick learner he was to become. With a burst of strength he pushed himself up but overshot and slammed into cabinets behind him hitting his head on a knob which knocked him out. Only darkness.

A deep darkness. Dimmed light. More light. "What happened? Was that a dream?" Repiv asked himself as he held that back of his head. Grey eyes roaming around only to fall upon his nude body. Or was he nude? There appeared to be scales between his legs and ending a couple of inches below his belly button. Tilt of the head. Confusion. "It wasn't a dream." he spoke, taking notice of the scars along his body where he remembered the stitches were when a realization appeared. "Where is Master?" he said looking around and there she was. Standing behind him, just staring. "Good." she exclaimed takeing a mental note of what appeared before her. "And you called me master, I might ease up on your punishment today." she continued as she walked around to his side and place a hand on his shoulder. A bolt of pain shot through his body at the same time his wounds slowly healing. "You almost broke my cabinet, not good. But you didn't and that is good. Don't do it again."
Repiv cringed from the pain, grinding his teeth but not giving her the satisfaction of screaming. Arms crossed along his stomach as he bent forward to try and relieve the pain. "Wonderful!" she exclaimed, "Your pain resistance is much higher than I would have thought!" She was quite excited by this but it could be of no good. "Thus!" she paused for a moment in a wicked grin letting him recover from the torture she had put him through. "I can work you...much much harder young one."
She was scary, repiv knew that and he knew not to go against her ever. Obey her command and to remember everything she said. It was the way to survive. "Now that we've got things going, stand up. You still haven't done that yet." she spoke in that calm tone of hers. Quite cold yet full of warmth. Placing a hand off to his side he looked down at what he was laying on. It was a table covered in leaves, soft leaves. It was offly weird to see leaves in this fashion and yes, he felt it. They were alive. He could feel the leaves were very much alive and speaking to eachother! How could he know this? Thoughts filled his head, many thoughts and they were coming from the leaves. No. Not the leaves what was under the leaves. A tree with it's branches fashioned to be entwined and flat so that it's leaves were growing in an entwined way that it appeared as if they were connected together making a table cloth. Realizing Master was still looking at him he scooted off the table with a little less pain than yesterday he stood. Yes, with ease he stood as if it was second nature. How had he done this? Yesterday he could stay on four yet now he was up on two and it made him excited as a smile crossed his face while he bent his legs. "Very good." she said, a shiver running through repiv's spine as he stopped and looked at her standing still. "You were out for awhile and I figured I'd help you out a little." she smirked placing a hand below her bosom and letting her other elbow rest on it while it's hand was placing on her head and said, "Very well. Now we begin. Follow me."
Master turned and walked out of the room she was in, light shown through the passageway she had exited from, repiv following afterwards into the wide world. Trees everywhere. It seemed to be a barrier of sorts but with flowers and animals. Birds fluttering in the air in joy at the sight of his master. Why are they happy? he thought looking up at them. A new feeling rushing over him of what was it. Joy. Yes joy, these animals. He could feel their feelings this feeling made him smile. Arms going out in joy as he spun. The birds flying around his body at this new being untill a cold voice called out, "Stop!" Master yelled, repiv cringed bringing his arms in. What had he done? Repiv looked up and watched the birds flitter away. The Young boys smile had diminished as well as he looked over at Master and caught up to her as she said, "You can do that later, for now. We train."

Weeks passed, then months. Repiv's body growing stronger and stronger. Everytime they went into that bright place he learned how to control his movements. How to study body movements, how to read them. How to counteract many of them. How to fight. The parts of a human body to attack to bring them down faster. Other moves to disable their body or render them helpless. No, repiv wasn't learning to be an assassin. He was learning to protect himself from the world she was going to throw him in. When he was well suited to defend himself Master began to smile more often at his progress, He's progressing farther and faster than I expected. My best creation yet. she thought as she brought out a book and began teaching him to read and write in multiple languages. None of the human races though but that of power. Words of power she was teaching him, magicka. Master had placed some of her own magic in him as well as one she was testing. Her past works hadn't survived but he, yes he, was developing farther than she had ever expected. Months became years as he was taught how to create different forms of the magick she was teaching. How to make it efficient and easy to use at any time. It was easy for him, he could do it with a smile. But overconfidence was not something she wanted him to learn and she brought him down. Hard, in a way too painful to describe. The final lesson was of values. Morals. As well as how to imbue the magicka into different enscriptures at different frenquency which would turn into how he had created his runes. Master taught him how to use his body to it's potential, teaching how to cover himself in his scales, how to erect his hidden fangs and the likes. Emotions was something he had to control or be his own demise and she had grown to, slightly, like this one as her own son of sorts.
"Now that I am done training you. You must take off from this place and do what you have been created for. Learn of this world and tell me about it. Every 5 years I will appear to you and you will tell me of it. But don't think I won't let you off the hook. You will be watched every minute of your life and I will know every move you make with every step you take." she explained as she went to a closet and took out folded cloth, "You will learn about this world as much as possible, make friends. Possibly make a family. Ask questions, learn of people. I heard there are more races out there then humans and thus you will learn about them. How to bring them down how to destroy them, how to take control of them. This is my request of you and thus you are assigned. Go out and leave this place. I wish not to see you again for 5 years." she said as repiv began to stand and make his way out, "I didn't say leave yet!"
Master handed him the clothes and showed him how to put them on, he did so and was garbed in very fine made clothing indeed. "It is rude to walk around like that unless you are at home." she sighed and took out a jar, dipping her hands in and sliding them through his hair which turned it a dark blue. "There, now you are complete. This is a sign of your departure and of my ownership of you. My enemies may not touch you now. And thus you may go Repiv. I am Gren Hadrianna."
Repiv let out a slight gasp as he felt his hair, the same yet a different color. She was quite powerful. "Yes Master." he spoke as he memorized her name as he turned when long item came down upon his shoulder faster than he could react. "And here's your weapon. Didn't expect me to let you out on your own without a weapon now did you?" she smirked with a slight, very soft laugh. Repiv took held the end and tried to lift it, it was quite long, almost as tall as he was standing at 6'1" and it at 5'8". Quite long inded, he smiled and thanked his master. No, Gren and took it outside, unsheathing and playing with it, before sheathing it onces more and strapping it to his back in which it melded into his clothing. Repiv gasped and tried to reach for it, then looking at Gren in disbelief. "Where'd it go?" he asked as he touched his shoulder's to see if he could feel it. "It is apart of you now, just think it out and it will come. Don't want people stealing my gift now do you?" she asked tilting her head to the side and smiling while repiv tried to think the sword from it's hiding place. A dark shadow like substance parted itself from him and formed into his weapon untill it took shape and appeared as it was. Repiv smiled and let it meld back into him. Practice was the key to that and he had a long way to go so practice he would. Repiv began to walk but realized that there was no entrence to the place, he looked around at the trees and found they were took packed together for him to leave before he decided to just climb up and out which would only work for him since Gren allowed it so. A smile crossed over her face as she waved slightly not wanting to tell him that the entrence was on the other side of her living place which repiv never figured out what it was.

Repiv reached the top and looked around smiling, birds came to greet him in the high branches of the trees and left him little twigs to remember them by. Repiv happily accepted them and placed them in his coat as he began to make his way to the other side of the forest from atop the trees. As he made his way, he soon began to forget what the place looked like. A distant memory soon fading as he looked back the way he came and found that he couldn't rememeber a thing but the animals and the face of Gren. It was her doing, he smiled and continued his trek through the forst untill reaching the other side. Standing on a branch, high in the sky on the branches of a grand tree looking out over a field of beautiful proportions. The sun setting and he figured he'd spend one more night close to his home that he didn't remember one more night before he didn't remember it at all. Repiv layed down on the branch and looked out over the field with a smile upon his face. It was going to be a grand adventure and he was but 3 years old as Gren had told him. One day he'll have to ask how he came about but that was for another day as he placed an arm over his lidless eyes and drifted off into a sleeplike nature.
Hours passed before he moved his arm when light filled the sky. Repiv sat up and looked across the plain before jumping down from the giant tree. Landing on another branch and jumping off once more, repeating this process untill he landed on the ground. Head turning side to side then upwards to the height of which he had come then back at the enclosed forest before walking off into the distance.


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Repiv are I! <3

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Vicious Assault

Vicious Assault

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Vicious Assault


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LOL, glad to see I'm not the only one who gives horrible names.
It's kinda easy to catch if you have that derp fish in your party... Stunfisk, I think? The flat fish that you can find outside of the Ice Gym town. Apparently if you have it first in your party, it increases the chance of running into wild electric type Pokemon. Have that and find a shaky spot in the grass, apparently there's a good chance it's an Emogla. I only tried it once and it worked right away, so I can't vouch that it works every time.

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I shouldn't be allowed to name Pokemon sometimes. Lol. I caught a Pawniard the other day and I was like "holy crap, this b***h looks like it's gonna stab me."
And that's how it got the name "Stab b***h". I feel terrible, but I laugh whenever I see it now.
Ehhh. Still not sure if I want it.
Haa, maybe. That would be cute. :U
Yeah, I had to whip some ultra balls at it. And I originally wanted a boy, but when I finally came across one, it was a girl. >: But I caught her anyway. And I love herrr.
Victini is my strongest buddy right now, and then my Beartic.

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I haven't caught one yet... again, the whole "if I don't want it, I don't catch it" thing.
Seriouslyyyyy! I keep using fire moves on it thinking that it'll be super effective.
But uh... garbage babies... ick.
I agree. I freakin' LOVE Lillipup and Emogla.

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I laughed really hard at that one.
Though... shouldn't it be weak against fire?

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Yeah, I like seeing all of the new ones, it's kind of like I'm playing it for the first time. :'D

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That's how I'm doing it. Lol.
I find the Pokemon I like and catch them, either than that, I collect badges.
I think I've just played the games so much that catching them all is actually boring to me now.

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Haa, I'm so lazy when I play.
I'm not trying for all of them, really. If I see a Pokemon and I don't like it, I don't catch it. :U

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Oh, that actually sounds kinda fun. Wish I thought of that, un. o:


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