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The Future Me

This is one of the few non-element-themed tekteks I like at the moment -- and I happen to like it very much. If anyone, anywhere, could possibly contribute, I'd be in your debt. Look to the right to see more of my hopeless begging.

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Total Value: 890,313 Gold
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And here, finally, is the one I truly want to be someday...as if. Hmph. I'll find a way. Contribute!!

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Total Value: 3,074,845 Gold
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All About Me...Or All You're Ever Gonna Need To Know...

Hello there! I'm not given to spilling out my innermost secrets on social networking sites, but I'll give it a shot (keeping in mind my limitations):

My name, according to the oddly-proportioned avatar to the left, is Renewed Shall Be Blade. In reality, I go by Blue (forever the most exciting middle name around!), but anything from "you there" to who-knows-what will do. My username is a reference to Lord of the Rings -- part of a poem by Bilbo describing Aragorn's future rise to the throne of Gondor. If that made little sense, then shame on you; JRR Tolkien's books are the one thing I'd take with me if I were to be stranded on an island.

My hobbies are too many and varied to list under the "interests" tab. I enjoy writing and read avidly, preferring Fantasy and Sci-Fi to your everyday run-of-the-mill fiction. I fence epee, play basketball on my school's team, and just went out for cross-country for the first time this year. I love to travel. (15 countries to date, four continents.) I've been playing piano for ages, but who hasn't? I also sing, but it was an effort to even type that (I'll deny it under oath). Six years of studying Spanish (and near-fluency) made me transfer to French, which I'm progressing through at an amazing rate. I'm a straight-A student who has a fixation with electronics, dusty yet epic book sagas, and fiercely addicting sites like this.

Like many others before me, I'm a complete newbie to Gaia. I blame Life Hath Immortality and gaaralover189 for sucking me into creating account, but I suppose that at this point I should thank them. It's a dilemma. I think if my first month on Gaia makes it all worth it, I'll stay, but if not...I'm coming to get you guys.

-Blue (Renewed Shall Be Blade) xd

By the way, if you look on tektek.org under "Renewed Shall Be Blade", I've barely gotten started with some dream avatars (just learned how to display them here). As a newbie, I have practically no money -- and I'm not begging -- but if anyone has anything to spare, you have yourself a person to give it to!

LAST UPDATED: Eons ago. Seriously.

From you to Me...

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Grey-Eyed Boleyn Report | 11/07/2010 10:59 am
Grey-Eyed Boleyn
Cool avi. I especially like the bow. Very warriorish.
Life Hath Immortality Report | 09/22/2010 6:47 pm
Life Hath Immortality
Thank you so much!
You can find some cool free backgrounds here. It's where I found mine.
Rainstorm Moonchaser Report | 09/12/2010 1:31 pm
Rainstorm Moonchaser
No problem, you too.
PixelWorlds Report | 09/12/2010 1:27 pm
ty hehe smile
Awakening Shiro Report | 08/31/2010 5:23 pm
Awakening Shiro
I agree. ;o

And if you want someone to talk to and I'm not here, just Hit up Annasay or Private No Pants. xD Just tell em' I sent you to meet them and they'll happily oblige. ;]
gaaralover189 Report | 08/29/2010 4:03 pm
I love the dog too!
Life Hath Immortality Report | 08/29/2010 7:08 am
Life Hath Immortality
I'm about as obsessed as it gets.
I suppose you could post: "I nominate Life Hath Immortality, who I have never met before."

But I don't think I could handle being a guild captain anyway.
gaaralover189 Report | 08/29/2010 6:36 am
Oh, I voted for know your secret because she's on a lot... whee
gaaralover189 Report | 08/29/2010 6:35 am
what dilemma?
Life Hath Immortality Report | 08/29/2010 6:34 am
Life Hath Immortality
I think I should be captain.
No, JK. I'm not even crew.
I voted for knowyourlittlesecret.
She's very active, and not too against Katniss/Peeta. XD

Dream Avi(s)

I have, at present, four elemental-based avatars that I'd like to aim for in the future. You can see them at the bottom of my page.

The prices of these four run as follows (left to right):
886,427; 849,894; 754,219; and 1,708,984 galds.

I'd really like to complete at least one of these, so pleasepleaseplease help me out by contributing items/gold/emotional support. Thanks!! heart


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