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my name is renee. my friends, however, call me a variety of nicknames such as ren, ren-chan, ren-rai, relay renee, akihiko and (i don't even know how it came to this, but. . .) tsutsukaname.

i live in carmel, new york ; supposedly the luckiest place for lottery numbers. come visit me and my friends and we can atleast try and win you five dollars! i was also the start of a massive gaia online trend in my friends ; just ask neida, fina, adrianna, connor, bethany, amanda and the other amanda. (yes, i know two.) <33

i love gaia online, not because of the site. mainly because of all my amaaaazing friends. my real life bffls are easily jubilee, apryl, johnny, adrianna, josefina, connor, amanda, kelsey, lisa, patrick, neida, deanna, vinchenzo, and the other amanda. (tee hee.) you all keep me sane ; or at least as sane as a girl like me can be.

then again, i love plenty of other things too. gravitation and junjou romantica are my anti drug. my favorite pairings are. . .
Usagi-san x Misaki = Adoration.
Yuki x Shuichi = Adoration too, but. . .
Usagi-san x Yuki or Shuichi x Misaki = EPIC WIN! -fangirl squeal-
I also write some rather nice fan fics as well. To see my work, go here!

i like black over pink.
i like cats over dogs.
i like johnny rayflo over edward cullen.
i like koga over inuyasha.
i like anime over normal cartoons.
i like friends over family.
i like yaoi over hetero.
i like internet life over reality.

so, therr.
you don't need to know much more. ^^ hope to see you around sometimes~! and don't worry ; i don't bite! (unless you're into that kind of stuff, JK!)