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It had to happen sooner or later that Tami muscle girls and I would get caught, since we were ******** during the day at work. As I mentioned in the other story, we aren't in a romantic relationship, its purely physical. We don't miss each other when we aren't together, we don't message or call each other, and we don't set up dates or times for us to meet. But, if we are near each other for any length of time, a sexual tension starts to build up between us. And, when it reaches a certain level, neither one of us can think about anything else until we do something about it. The funny thing about it, is that if we relieve that tension once, we are immune for the rest of that day, no matter how close we get. Wednesdays are the worst, because her and I have to attend the same meetings all day long. So, its usually on Wednesday that we have to find some safe place to have sex during lunch just to be able to function normally afterwards.

By get caught, I don't mean that someone walked in on us while we were ********. We don't get that stupid, when our lust hits us, that we make a lot of noise, or ******** somewhere without locking the door. Instead, it was someone seeing us together, coming out of a room they knew was locked. And, it also could have been the fresh ******** look on our faces, or maybe the smell of sex in the air. Whatever it was, they knew for a fact that we'd been having some kind of sex in there, and they called me on it later. The person who confronted me, didn't do so because they planned to cause any problems for us or get us fired. She, yes she, just wanted to know why I'd resorted to ******** the Iron b***h, and hadn't even tried to flirt with her. She was obviously a much better woman to be chasing, yet I hadn't made a single pass at her.

Her name is Ceren, and I think her choice of words should give you an idea of what kind of woman she is. She didn't say she was prettier, had a better body, or would be more fun in bed. She said she was obviously a much better woman, meaning that everything about her was better, and that everyone already knew it. In other words, one of those women who think they walk on water, and that their s**t doesn't stink. Admittedly her face is prettier than Tami's, she's quite a few years younger, she dresses nicer, and she has a better body by local standards. That means long legs, big tits, and a J-Lo booty. Thing is, I'm not interested in big tits, and I've never been a fan of J-Lo's a**. And even if she had the kind of body I did like, Tami's for instance, her attitude was a complete turn off. However, just telling her I wasn't interested might not be smart, because while she hadn't planned on causing problems for us, she could easily change her mind. Besides, I was curious why she would have wanted me to flirt with her in the first place.

So, instead of just saying she wasn't my type, I told her that what Tami and I had wasn't a romance, it was just sex. And, I didn't think that a girl like her would be interested in just having sex with someone. Even if she was, she could easily find younger, richer, and better looking men than me. She practically glowed from the compliments, and immediately said she knew she could. But after her divorce, she didn't want to get into another serious relationship until she found the right husband this time. While she was looking though, she had certain wants and needs, like any woman. And since Tami seemed to be satisfied with what I did for her, I might be able to satisfy her needs as well girls with muscle.

If she had said that in any kind of sexy way whatsoever, I might have considered it regardless of her not being my type. I mean, she might be a good ******** for all I know, and it might have been worth finding out. Saying it the way she did though, as a flat statement, gave it a meaning that kind of pissed me off. With her "holier than thou" attitude, she was saying she was willing to let me try to please her. And, there was a small chance, because Tami was satisfied, that I might actually be capable of giving her some pleasure. No man wants to hear a woman tell him that he might be barely adequate if he tried hard enough, and I'm no different. And, if she thought I would bend over backwards just for a chance to kiss her a**, she was sadly mistaken.

So, although Tami and I did everything, mostly making love and oral sex, I took only the parts I thought would turn her off and told her about them. I said I still didn't think she'd be interested, because we mostly did a**l sex, or Tami pleasing me orally, not any normal love making. She surprised me by saying that would be acceptable, and that I'd saved her the trouble of having to tell me that normal sex was off limits. She didn't believe in any form of contraception, and wouldn't risk getting pregnant until she was ready to marry again. Then she went on to say that we would meet on Mondays and Fridays. Monday would be for oral sex, and she expected me to perform it on her as well. Friday would be for a**l sex, although I would need to do some oral sex as well to get her ready. And, I would need to be clean shaven, both my face and my pubic area. Then she said that we would begin on Monday, and walked away without waiting for me to respond to her conditions.

At that point, I had a couple of choices. I could chase after her and ask just who the hell she thought she was, giving me orders like that. But, I'd be making a fool out of myself if I chased her down the hall and confronted her. Besides, I think that in her mind I should be groveling at her feet for giving me the chance to try and please a goddess like her. And, I should be more than willing to agree to any conditions she wanted to set. So, confronting her at all, whether I chased her or not, would be worthless. I sure as hell wasn't going to meekly do her bidding either, like some kind of lap dog or servant. That left me one choice, and that's what I did when it came time for us to meet.

On Monday morning, because she gets to work before I do, she left a note on my desk saying 1200, her office, meaning time and place where we'd meet. And at 1215, she was at my desk asking why I hadn't shown up. Now that she had come to me, I had the upper hand and could tell her exactly what I felt. So, I leaned back in my chair and told her that I'd never said her and I would be lovers. And, if she hadn't just said that we would be and walked away, I would have told her that then. She naturally asked why I hadn't come to her and said something before, and why I'd made her wait in her office for nothing. And I asked why I should have to come to her and explain myself. She hadn't asked me if I was even interested in her, let alone if I wanted us to be lovers. So, since she had so little regard for my opinion or feelings on the matter, why should I worry about how she felt or that she'd have to wait? How would she react if I had done the same thing to her, and just told her that her and I were going to have sex, without asking if she wanted to? Would she have come to my office when I told her to, or come to me and told me that it wasn't going to happen? Or would she have done exactly what I did, and just ignored what I'd said?

ut them on the desk so she'd feel more comfortable.

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