å lïl bout mê

19 years living

Born in Oz

I have a slit crude, but yeah, Im female.

I dont have any close friends, but I have a loving family that I cherish.

When I have a job, Im working, alot. But when Im not, Im either on my laptop or reading.

Im not in school at the moment, because Im struggling trying to settle on some sort of career choice, that I can hopefully be sorta satisfied with.

If I sleep I enjoy it too much because my dreams are way to damn exciting.

I would one day hope to go backpacking in a couple of countries that I wish to experience. It would be an exotic, intoxicating adventure.

I love tinkering with things. Taking em apart and trying to put them back into working order. BUT I also enjoy destroying things. Destruction has a certain beauty about it.

Anything art I obsess over. Tattoos, abstract, paintings, photography, drawings. I enjoy it. Because its a talent that I could only dream to have.

I love foodporn. I love food period. I love eating food, smelling food, looking at food, and making love to food. Im pretty good at making food too.

I LOVE animals. I find them more captivating than humans. Animals are majestic beings, and not just mammals, but aquatic animals. Even bugs. Any living organism. They are just part of the miracle of nature.

I have this unhealthy fear of the Exorcist. Not the movie title, but the little girl and what possessed her. I watched it when I was 8 after my brother and I nagged my mom the whole day if we could watch a movie and thats what they put in. I have the weirdest dreams, sometimes nightmares about it. Sometimes, its trying to get me on its side. Other times its my mom. I cant stand it.

I love anything zombie and unicorn. Dont ask me why, because its not very original. Best things ever is Zombies vs Unicorns.

Like any other girl, I have certain obsessions, they include a vast amount of things, such as Sailor Moon, sexy photography, Harry Potter, Paul Rudd, manga, roses, DC/Marvel, vintage etc, etc, etc.

I dislike people. Ive been mistreated too many times by the people that Ive called friends. Even people that Ive had deep feelings for. Im terrible at reading people and their true intentions. For which when the hurt happens I have a hard time recovering. So Im very weary of meeting new people and can come off as kinda like a bitch. But thats only in irl. Online Im quite chatty. And can be annoying.

Im a hopeless romantic. I believe in grand gesture, chivalry, wooing, courtship, soul-mates. Its silly. And it could be caused by all the historical romances that I read. But I do believe in true love.

Im not exactly athletic. I mean I like sports[color=#E6


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DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

Report | 09/17/2016 7:14 am

DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

Happy birthday!
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

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DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

Happy b-day!
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

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DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

Hello and greetings from land where crumpets are considered godly; we haven't seen you at Guild in a long time and miss you dearly! We hope to see you in the near future since we hope you continue to enjoy your stay with us.
Furthermore this just a reminder, we are will still accepting OCs and hope you will role-play with us soon. We plan to start them again as soon. As we make select quota of players. Bare in mind appilcants are always accepted!

Anwho, stay frosty and hope to hear from you soon!

Founder and Captain of Roy Mustang's Role-Play Crumpet Heaven

Darkforgoten Fallen Angel whee
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

Report | 09/17/2012 5:58 pm

DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

happy b-day

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Na uh! Your it!

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I'll ask her

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I found your poem book! And the Twilight poems! We haven't started finals yet. :/ Ok so I had an idea. What if I took pics of everyone and put them in the back of the poem book and had them sign it since there is room back there? *goes to tektek while awaiting your answer*

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You're going to be here?

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One day you'll have to tell me how to make an awesome profile lol


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