• Hello! My name is Cole.

    I have been a member of Gaia for many years, but my primary hang-outs are the BC forums (TiH) and private guilds. You may recognize my name because I founded Matope. I am 30 years old and live in a suburb of Nashville with my cat Lolita.

    likes: ghosts, witches, ouija boards, dolly kei, mori kei, books, strange animals, deer, science~, pixel art, CLOOOWWNNSSS
    music: sunset rubdown, darkside, swan lake, tarkio, elbow, iron & wine, the decemberists, anathallo, psapp, hozier, mirah, kid koala, wax tailor, aesop rock, fka twigs, assorted downtempo/trip hop
    media: deadwood, firefly, pan's labyrinth, trainspotting, fight club, hannibal, podcasts including 99% invisible (fav), british panel shows
    books: watership down, lolita, bill bryson, jane eyre, the great gatsby, david sedaris

    i am really bad about answering my messages, but please feel free to pm me or leave a comment! i am much better about responding to quotes (:

    my username is pronounced "ray zsahm." the j is pronounced like the zs in zsa zsa gabor, and the a is the same as in calm.

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