Gaia got boring.
I've been banned from computer-y activities until I get my grades "UP", which will never really happen.

    Hi. :'D

    I'm not as new as my joindate suggests; April 6th, 2004 is when I first stumbled on to Gaia.
    I have had many incarnations since then (15+), but I'm staying with this one.
    I think. xD;

    manga, drawing, music, babies, poking people, being as annoying and/or offensive as I can be, good books, cute things, Ambrose Bierce, George Orwell, good arguments, standup, improv, and et cetera

    Putin, idiots, babies (it's a lovehate thing), dubbed anime, ********, aliteracy, fangirls, fanboys, furries, morons, homophobes, politicians, the U.S.A., heterophobes, people who bash something for no reason at all, people who pronounce things wrongly, arseholes, people who assume things, and et cetera

    On the Subject of Sex(uality):
    I am female, asexual/lesbian, and not interested in you. :'D

    On the Subject of Music:
    I like pretty much everything; from classical to punk, to metal, to even a smidgeon of rap.
    If you wish to know what/who I listen to, just click the icon in my signature; there's a full list there which I constantly update.

    On the Subject of Behaviour:
    I don't like most people I see, so I usually seem like
    a) a very big b***h, b) this annoying little bug that just won't go away, or c) a mixture of both.
    On the semi-rare occasion that I do like someone, I am somewhat nice, hideously talkative, and very.. bouncy.
    I am also a very big English Language Nazi (tm), though I may ignore mistakes if I can generally understand the person.
    I don't like all those CHANGE THE CHATTERBOX OMG petitions, however. :'[
    I may have GD roots, but the CB is my home, and I sure as hell don't want to change it.
    I'd have no one to flame, after all. :'D

    On the Subject of.. Whatever:
    I am multilingual. Annoyingly so.
    I have under my belt Russian, English, Japanese, Spanish, German, a bit of French, and a smidgeon of Latin.
    Also, the way I type fluctuates. A lot. Sometimes I wind up typing in third person, others I sound like I'm French, and others I sound like a flowery-worded book.
    I have no clue as to why I do this, but it just happens. xD;
    I am also a texticon whore. :']

    If you wish to know anything else, you shall have to PM me, for I am bored with typing now.


Scheisse I feel like putting down

Most of this stuff will be just crap I feel like putting down, usually from school, so I have a place to store it. P":


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Rawr. I remember you.

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Cute hair! Quick hello!
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Why do you have girl hair??? neutral

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ur world glows? ur profile sure does...
The U-Man

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The U-Man

jibber jabber

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<3 random comment
Vaginal STD

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Vaginal STD

Oh, you're very welcome.

[ <3 ]
Vaginal STD

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Vaginal STD

Your profile is so very purple.
How pretty.

[ <3 ]
Momoko Hada

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Momoko Hada

Nah it doesn't only if the cat pissed on me...yuckies...