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Hello PPL ^.^ my name is Mercedes and im from a small town in AL. but i love it. The ppl are friendly for the most part >.> But I am very friendly and im always happy to meet new and interesting ppl. i am complex and interesting myself so idk how weird u r, come and chit chat if ya ever need a friend cuz i sure will listen. I LU LUv LUV 90s music and 80s music...when did Spirit in the Sky come out?...if anyone finds out, tell me...luvc that song ^.^ but music is my favorite subject from grunge to hip hop i luv it all. My favorite song is Lightning Crashes by Live, hence my username lol. if a hear it, you'll understand. im the youngest of 7 siblings...yup 7. and im a sweetheart, but like everyone, i battle my inner demons and struggles, especially since im a teen. teens, ya know what i mean...but i always have someone i can go an talk to, which is why i feel its important to refrain from being judgemental and luvin ppl for who they r. cuz everyone needs a buddy. SO if ya wanna get to know more about me or allow me 2 get to know u just PM me and dont be scared!
-peace and luv


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-Reita-GazErock-LuV-'s Journal, Yo razz

hello, thank you for taking the time to visit my journal. my real name is mercedes. you can call me that or my username or any little name you wanna call me by ^__^ anywayz, i am a fun person who loves to be unique and i appreciate what makes everyon


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PrinceWolfKnight Report | 06/03/2011 11:22 pm
MERCEDES!!!! Hai!!!
Noel Kawashima Report | 06/04/2010 11:14 pm
Noel Kawashima
But, I heard his real first name is Loth..
I prefer Cupid. xd

And I'll check out those videos!
And add me on Facebook!
My name is Toni B.A Seibech. 3nodding
You have to make sure it has B.A, though.
Noel Kawashima Report | 06/04/2010 8:45 pm
Noel Kawashima
LOL. Well, you've guessed it!
He's Laosian! xd
But he's like Rllyy hot. xDD
But his name is like really weird.. (his name is Cupid Keomonivong.. tell me that isn't weird! xd )

Ohyeah~ do you have a Facebook? 3nodding
Noel Kawashima Report | 06/04/2010 4:05 pm
Noel Kawashima
Well, my crush at school is Asian, and he has perfect English accent! xd
(my crush thinks i'm cute! yay!)
Noel Kawashima Report | 06/04/2010 10:45 am
Noel Kawashima
LMAO!! xd
You know what's awesome?
I don't have a southern accent! xd
Noel Kawashima Report | 06/04/2010 5:02 am
Noel Kawashima
Hehehe, they should defiantly come to Texas and Alabama! xd
Us Shawols need to see our SHINee! xd
Noel Kawashima Report | 06/03/2010 5:54 pm
Noel Kawashima
No, I don't think they've came to America, yet, but they better get their asses here to Texas! xd

And yeah, I'd ******** Taemin and Minho at the same time! xD
Noel Kawashima Report | 06/03/2010 3:34 pm
Noel Kawashima
Lol, it's so obvious that they are! xDD
And here are their ages..

Onew: 20
Jonghyun: 20
Key: 18
Minho: 18
Taemin: 16

Noel Kawashima Report | 06/03/2010 11:27 am
Noel Kawashima
Haha, very sexy! ;D

And Taemin is such a cute little virgin! xd
But I would TTLY lose my virginity to Minho, though. xd
Noel Kawashima Report | 06/03/2010 4:54 am
Noel Kawashima
Heheh, very sexy pic of Saga. xD
(Hiroto is better!! lol)

And that's now his kid.
It's another person's kid that SHINee had to take care of for the show. (CLICK THE LINK BELOW! you'll love it)

And OMG!!!
Minho's pole-dancing was so lame!!! But I'd tap that anyway. ;D




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