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RL Bio
Date of Birth 13 S 1988
Gender Gender-Fluid
I'm in
YOUR area! A town in Rhode Island
Status Single ♥
From The worst hospital in Rhode Island
Lifestyle Born-Again Christian (A personal relationship with Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior)

Hello, hello! It's been so long since I've redone my profile, so why not give the details a makeover? Let's start with some basics...I prefer to be called Reiko, for those who I know personally are the only ones who know my actual name. It's staying that way. Also, I work three jobs. Two of them are part-time, and the third is commission-based. Information Technology and music are my life, so I really don't mind this!

In any case, I'm gender-fluid and came out as such in December of 2015. Truthfully, I've been out to myself since 2003...that's long before it was even a word. Some of you were mere babies or toddlers at the time. For those who don't understand the difference, gender-fluid is NOT trans*.

Now that I've cleared that up, my favourite thing to do on this site is role-play! Fully-literate role-plays may or may not be dying on GaiaOnline, but that's okay. I do the majority of my role-playing on AIM and Facebook. If you want to do either, then just send me a message and ask nicely.

To this day, I still live by this philosophical quote that I've thought of myself. It's my perseverance quote that keeps my head up through thick and thin.

"Though I be tried by fire, still I will stand strong."

I'm also usually a very patient person, so please don't test it. I don't appreciate drama at all and dislike when people try to tell me how to role-play, or how to run a role-play. Everybody has to start somewhere and isn't perfect overnight, so try to learn to bare with those of us who learn something new since you were once there yourself (unless you've never been there). If you think you can do a better job than someone, then by all means make a suggestion. Just please don't be rude at all...nobody appreciates the killjoys.
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