Fear the glow of eyes in the dark, fear the growls of the beast, fear the heavy breath breathing down your neck, for if you see the darkness of black, you're sure to find death. Fear the hellbeasts!

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~My Store~

Items being sold in my store.
I will haggle on any item over 50 bil.
Anything lower I will not.
Close friends I will haggle on any item doesn't matter the price.
And if I feel generous I'll take 5% off the item.
I will also do item trades, only if the item is in my wishlist.

~Screen Shots~

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Name(s):~Reign or Rei~ ~Misty~ and some may know me as mom or sis.
Gender: ~Chick!~ {And Proud Of It}
Age: ~28~
Lil Ol Meh
Lil Ol Meh & Meh Sis
If you have any questions or problems just ask...XD

PM and let me know who you are upon adding me. Thank You!


OC Umbraa from Improbable Island, She's a Shadow KittyMorphe!
Art by: Myself
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Art by: Lady Xelles
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The Beautiful Virus
Xem de Croix
Clandestine Moments
Madara Kitsune
Inevitable Obsession
K e k k y u
Reigns Insanity
Lies Insanity

My 5 Wonderful Children!!!

Me and my besties!!! o3o Also my Twinnie! -->

Love you!!! <3

My irl little sister! <3