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Name: Pheonix (not Phoenix, Pheonix)
Eyes:Light brown, Red in the light.
Nicknames:Kitten or Rei
Blood Type: A-
Hometown: On the Eastcoast
Favorite Things: Some things are just better left unsaid, don't you think?
Facts:I do Muay Thai, I meditate. I'm very balanced, but also, unbalanced.
I Hate-:Hackers,people who are full or themselves, Strawberries, Spiders.
Mood Type: I'm a very blunt individual, not at all how I used to be. I'll call you on your bull and then some, so always be upfront with me.
Zodiac Signs By Birth, my rising is Libra.
Miscellaneous: I come off as mean, and it is true. I am mean. Do not take me lightly, that'll be the last thing you do.

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Far Worse than You Could Ever Imagine


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Pleasent Secrets and other stories.

My Quotes stories and my Crazy journey called life.


[i:7ac2811c38]It Feels Good~[/align:7ac2811c38][/i:7ac2811c38]
[u:7ac2811c38][i:7ac2811c38]To be This Damned Bad[/align:7ac2811c38][/i:7ac2811c38][/u:7ac2811c38]


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