Me, Myself & Rei

User Image G.Name: chika-blossom, kawaii-blossom, Kei Nakamura, Miyuzu, ReiCookie
R.Name: Rei
G.Age: 6
R.Age: `89
R.Status single and lovin' it!
` I'm currently in my first year of college as an ECE student.
` I'm in and out of Gaia since it's not the same as it was 4 yrs. ago. I want it back to the old school go-gaia.
` I'm a really big procrastinator, so if you've commissioned something from me, heh...sorry! ^____^;;
` I'm currently trying to remodel my house in towns so any housing stuff you don't want or need, I'll gladly take it off your hands.
` I have a mall for an inventory. xd
` I miss the days when sealeds only cost me 3 - 4k. NOT 15 k. Dx