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Reptilicus is silly, but he really illustrates
The great array of monsters all over the place
Not just in Japan, but across the planet
An "A-to-Z" gamut—a gargantuan panoply

Example, please?

Well, name a land


Oh, geez; easy peasy, mes amis
See, in the Yucatan you can meet El Cadejo
In Belize they believe in him
They're not afraid to say so


Nessie's livin' up in a loch

How 'bout Poland?

A scary scarecrow named Bubak

Huh; so...it's not just Godzilla?

Well, duh, Crow; there's a lot that could kill ya'



Sorry, Crow




Yo, Jonah, how's the chorus go?

Every country has a monster
They’re afraid of in their nation

Every monster has a country
Yeah, a station they call their home

Gunter, glieben, glauchen, Crow-ben

What turned the musk deer's guts to spaghetti?

Was it in Tibet?


I bet he met a yeti


There, drop bears will impale ya

Then they'll sell ya hella-touristy paraphernalia

Chupacabra's chewin' up cattle down in Mexico
Déélgééd's horn is gorein', battling the Navajo
Congo's kongamato is a mongo flying dino
I know I don’t want to die
But when I do, he’ll be the guy


So, Crow?


Ready to go?

Start slow

Kropermann is a monster from Luxembourg

Who's actually the size of Luxembourg

He crushed the whole country of Luxembourg

Because he is the size of Luxembourg


Egypt's got mummies like Tutankhamun

Leprechaun on the lawn in Boston Common

You bots got the hang of it
The song's really kickin'


And by that I mean Jiufeng and Peng, giant Chinese birds, and one of them turns into a fish. Anyway...
Gnus, killer shrews and the loup-garou
Baba Yaga, Jorōgumo and the impundulu
Now you guys realize the surprising size
Of all the worldwide daikaiju

Every country has a monster
They’re afraid of in their nation
Every monster


Has a country

(That's Canada!)

Yeah, a station they call their home

(Tatzelwurm for the Swiss!)

Every country


Has a monster


They’re afraid of


In their nation
(Moon 13!)
Every monster has a country
Yeah, we've got movie sign


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my car runs on dirty newspaper combovers

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“She is Rei Toei. She is a personality-construct, a congeries of software agents, the creation of information-designers. She is akin to what I believe they call a ‘synthespian,’ in Hollywood.”- Idoru, William Gibson

One day, Traddles (who had just come home through the drizzling sleet from Court) took a paper out of his desk, and asked me what I thought of that handwriting?

'Oh, DON'T, Tom!' cried Sophy, who was warming his slippers before the fire.

'My dear,' returned Tom, in a delighted state, 'why not? What do you say to that writing, Copperfield?'

'It's extraordinarily legal and formal,' said I. 'I don't think I ever saw such a stiff hand.'

'Not like a lady's hand, is it?' said Traddles.

'A lady's!' I repeated. 'Bricks and mortar are more like a lady's hand!'

Traddles broke into a rapturous laugh, and informed me that it was Sophy's writing; that Sophy had vowed and declared he would need a copying-clerk soon, and she would be that clerk; that she had acquired this hand from a pattern; and that she could throw off - I forget how many folios an hour.
-- David Copperfield, Charles Dickens

Astronomy -- Jeff Rushton

Look in your eyes...
Through the fog in your eyes, the smog that covers your cries.
Through the tears of the lives, the lives you comprise.
Look in your eyes...
I see a life of broken ties, a life of unexpected lies,
I see a person disenchanted with physical and social replies.
Look in your eyes...
I see the scars you've become accustom to hide,
I see the passion to run and to hide.
Look in your eyes...
I see the fear of failure and compromise,
I see the pain that you let crush your life.
Look Beyond your eyes...
I see the beginning of a new life, a life of veracity and skies,
I see the birth of a child innocent in all eyes.
Look beyond your eyes...
I see the fun and happiness that keeps you alive,
I see the joy and passion for life.
Look beyond your eyes...
I see the love that is buried inside,
I see the sparkle that makes life a surprise.
It is all within your eyes.
It stands out to those that have lived through the lies, the sorrows, the pains and the terrible ties. This is not to fear or despise, it is to revere and to take in stride. For those that know can see as clear as the summers sky. The potential to be great is all within your eyes. You are one that can make it if you try. Many have the sparkle but few have the radiation to shine, to burn the smog and fog that keeps you behind.

I love to look into your eyes, for therein lies the reason I am alive. I have fought the fight and with the site of your plight I am determined and recharged with energy and light. It is time to burn and to refine,
For therein lies the new beginning of a star that

Airstream Driver -- Gomez

All the angels on the wire
Getting dizzy from the heights
Go carefully, carefully
Oh, airstream driver

She shoots but never misses
Stare down, passin traffic
Go carefully, carefully
Oh, airstream driver

I would return the favour
Oversleep the rapture
Go carefully, carefully
Oh, airstream driver

Your watermelon candy mouth
The penthouse at the sands
Go carefully, carefully
Oh, airstream driver

Go go go go carefully, airstream driver

'My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.' -- Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare