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First off,
I guess it's better that I show my face.
It's rude to introduce myself to someone without them seeing me properly.

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Welcome to my profile.
You probably don't know anything about me. I'm guessing your first impression is what my profile theme is made of. Due to the unfortunate lack of hard-working gaians, there are little places (especially those that are current) to choose profile layouts from. Thus, I was forced to improvise. I don't think the outcome was unnecessarily BAD, but it'll do for now until I can rack up the funds for one that is custom-made.

This was supposed to be about ME,
wasn't it? Golly, I'm awfully rude today.
Sorry to bore you with the details of what's currently grasping my mind at the moment. I think I'll get to the basic point of things now.

You may call me by Tea, or whatever you wish to call me.
I don't like releasing personal information (my name, etc..) to the public. Yes, the public being you weirdos/stalkers out there that like to peek into the womans bathroom when no one is looking (..Pervs..). Well, I am willing to say a few things about myself as a living organism in this world.

I am:

-24 years old
(Birthday is 11/30/1992)
(The last time I checked)
-Very petite
(meaning, not obese but not anorexic)
-A Pale Caucasian
(I'm not Hispanic, asian or black fools!)
-A girl with green eyes
(most of my family has blue, but I'm different...)
-An artist
-An optimistic person
(never depressed. I like to ignore life when it gives me s**t)
-An Otaku
(I've watched anime ever since I was about eleven/twelve years old)
-A cosplayer
(I started cosplaying after I graduated from High School. I'll never stop!)
-A Disney-Obsessed freak
(If it has to do with Disney films or characters, I tap that s**t HARD. Walt <3)

Now that I have the basic details out of the way, I can easily tell you that I am a very worldly person. I like to take things into different perspectives and have a nice chat about it. No, I don't mean debates, but I'm not afraid to state my opinion on things. Over the years, a friend of mine who I've known for seven years has taught me a lot. I've learned how to keep my head on straight and never give up on things that seem hard. I thank her dearly for making me the person I am today.

So friend me, message me..
(trade me goodies c; )
Only if you're interested in conversation or actually being a part of my virtual life. Otherwise I WILL unfriend you. It's pointless to have someone on a special list when they don't involve themselves in our lives.

SO -- That's about it.

Peace out homies.


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Report | 08/07/2016 11:58 pm


You're just jealous. You wish you could tell jokes even half as good
as mine. I'm a got damn genius. Hmmph...

Okay. I'm done now.

It is pretty great so far! This is the first time I've ever played
it, and I'm loving the hell out of it. I just got through the part
with Henry and Sam. =(

Overwatch is laaaaame. So, so, so overrated. It's just
another case of the Blizzard circlejerk lifting a game
higher than it should be.

I'm glad you're enjoying it, though!


Report | 08/07/2016 11:44 pm


I feel like you're mocking me and my excellent joke. >=(

It was....lazy. Extremely so. Played a s**t ton of Last of Us.


Report | 08/07/2016 2:05 am


He didn't have anybody because he lacked the GUTS to ask anyone!


Report | 08/07/2016 12:16 am


Because he didn't have anyBODY to go with!


Now, why didn't he have anybody to go with? o.o

Report | 08/06/2016 10:37 pm


Awww, that's not happy. =(

Why didn't the skeleton go to the dance?


Report | 08/06/2016 12:38 pm


I knowwww! Isn't it just delightful?


Report | 08/06/2016 1:34 am


Okay, okay...Fiiiiine.

I'll save the gifts for when you're being extra


Report | 08/06/2016 12:58 am


A lot?! Bring it on! I can take it. >=)

I'll shower you with items in return. It's
all I have to offer. <.<

Report | 08/06/2016 12:52 am


Well I say bah to that. Almost everyone says that about
themselves, and they're very often wrong. >=(

But, it's your call. I'll accept PMs or Vocaroos. Maybe
even both on days you're feeling froggy.


Report | 08/06/2016 12:46 am


Of course I do! I played that one you made like 5
times in a row.

I just mean that I dunno if I can handle falling in
love that hard.