My name is SANNA.

I am a GEMINI.

-I like Scottish things. Accents, beards, kilts, strength, alcohol, folklore.
-I drive a Mini Cooper; my dream car.
-I live right outside of Atlanta, Georgia.
-My dreams of becoming a pirate are still present.
-I like men with manners/Please and Thank you doesn't cost ******** ALL.
-I am a dog groomer.
-I do a lot of crafty things in my downtime.
-I watch a lot of weird documentaries.
-I have a wonderful boyfriend.

-I have too many pet hates.
-I watch too many terrible horror movies.
-If you're going to fall out of love with me, I'd rather you didn't. 4laugh
-If I could be any XMen, it would be Mystic.
-Twelve year old 'emo' girls with drawn on scars and 'Im not okay' eye make up annoy me. Sure, they can be lovely but it's not 2005 anymore.
-Friends is my favorite tv show. I have seen every episode at least 10 times.
-My ego can be bigger than a hookers gaping minge, I just don't let it show like they do.
-I have a secret desire to be a 1950's house mom.
-My favorite music is 90's alternative rock.

-I like wit.
-Iron Maiden sleeve artwork makes me want to eat my own arm.
-Don't claim to be a big fan of a band when you only sing along badly to the token chorus.
-I love 1950's pop music.
-I tend to stereotype even though I hate it when I'm on the receiving end.
-I enjoy giving presents more than receiving.
-I am not a follower or a leader. I'm the one who gives the leader the intelligent ideas but stay in the background.
-I like going on walks in the middle of the night.

-Wearing cat shirts does not make you cool.
-I am going to school to be a history teacher.
-I have 2 dogs named Harper and Kelso, and also a cat named Slaughter House.
-I enjoy playing trivia too much.
-I am no longer a party girl.
-But I know how to have a good time, every time.
-I wish I was a mutant.
-I have size 9 feet. Shut up.
-I enjoy peppermint.

-I hate Sundays. They remind me of Monday morning school and songs of ******** praise.
-I will not kiss your a**.
-I wish I was in a rockabilly band.
-I'm short. 5'3.
-My favorite instruments to listen to are the oboe, drums, and cello.
-I plan on traveling a lot. Join me?
-I chat quite a lot of s**t.
-I have an unhealthy obsession with bread.
-My hairdid is always changing. Right now I'm a redhead.

-Raves are not THAT fun. Easy killers.
-I'm not just another kid that thinks she's different cause she dyes her hair and has more CDs than friends.
-No one is, by any means, superior. I don't care who you are. We all piss in the same pot.
-I'm not all that self infatuated. I just like to pretend.
-I get bored and yet entertained easily.
-I get told I look stand offish but if you see me, trot on over (I'm ever so sociable) and strike up a conversation.
-I hate spending my money but like having new things.
-I enjoy baking.

The only time I have road rage is when someone pulls out in front of me and there's NO ONE BEHIND ME.

What more do I hate than the pretentious little douches who only listen to what the radio plays... and girls who think it's 'cool' and 'alternative' to wear every item of clothing they own... at the same time?
I am not fooled.

I'm a big fan of intelligent sarcasm and irony.
I hope one day to own a pygmy goat.

I have 6 tattoos currently.
I listen to a lot of soundtracks.

Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are a huge part of my life.
I laugh in very awkward situations.


call 1800 FAWK JOO


My label: A charmer.






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Lord Oyashiro

Report | 03/29/2017 5:27 pm

Lord Oyashiro

hope youre doing well ! its been a while(:
strawberri manda

Report | 01/04/2017 2:08 pm

strawberri manda

Dannng. I can't keep a look that long. Well you look good and I hope you keep adding to it.
strawberri manda

Report | 01/04/2017 2:03 pm

strawberri manda

How long did it take to come up with it?
strawberri manda

Report | 01/04/2017 2:01 pm

strawberri manda

Your ava is beautiful~

Report | 12/16/2016 8:25 am


What item is so sparkly may I ask?

Report | 12/16/2016 8:23 am


Ps. The Matches are great!

Report | 12/16/2016 8:22 am


EEK, I love your avi <3

Report | 08/21/2016 6:16 pm


used to be deep damage smile User Image

Report | 08/21/2016 6:09 pm


User Image how are you?

Report | 08/21/2016 5:42 pm




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