Wasted blood
Won't be equal with my suffering, my grief
Blood remained...won't mend my wound

A waste of a soul, won't be in me anymore
My soul's drink is lost
Sucked by my faulty body
Taste isn't able for me anymore

My soul is empty
No one wants to occupy mine
With love...with song...
It is over...

My soul's song has stopped
My soul's string has broken
My soul has been lost..
Lost forever, with memory..

Fell to an everlasting end...
Bottomless hole in my soul...

One day, a bird fell in love with a white rose, his best friend. The bird loves the white rose so much, until he can't hold it anymore, 'cause his heart is boiling with love. He then eagerly and lovingly told her his feeling. But she only smiled at him and said, "I can never love you, bird." Although his heart aches so much, he doesn't give up. He keeps trying to tell her and talks to her. At last, after some days, the white rose said, "I will love you...but only if you could change me to be a red rose."

Bird keeps thinking what should he do to prove his unrequited love. Then, he made his decision.

He came to the white rose again. He doesn't talk to her like he would do everyday.

Then, he suddenly flew quickly to the white rose's thorns, and crash himself to the thorns. Blood quickly gushed out of his body. Then with blood flowing all over his body, with his last strength, he flew around the white rose until she is covered by blood wholly...she has became a red rose, just like what she asked him. But it was too late for her to realize it...because he is dead now, running out of blood, fulfilling his promise to her..

gaia_diamond Cherish all who loves you..respect them fully..albeit can't be possessed and can't be hold... gaia_diamond


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Ayy aman bang wkwk, semoga cepet selesai aja dah wkwkw

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Stay safe and healthy ya awkwkwkk

Report | 04/12/2015 6:19 am


Heyy do you still know me? do you still live? sweatdrop
Miss Alysia

Report | 07/18/2014 9:21 am

Miss Alysia

"cool avi"

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Hah???? Sorry bang..... ane jarang pegang hp.... sweatdrop kebanyakan tugas sama makalah nih buat skull..... stressed btw ane ganti nomer.....!!!! ane kirim lewat PM ye.....!!!!! neutral

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whats that

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blom selsei testnya bang.... tp pas mid kemarin lumayan di kelas dapet ranking 3!!!!! smile

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bang.... pelajaran untuk kurikulum 2013 di bukunya ngga jelas.... apa2 suruh nyari sendiri..... mana internet rumah sering ngadat lagi..... trus skarang dah UAS Gasal.... stress lah...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp

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stress bang.... kalo km???

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oh O.o im still stuck in the philippines sweatdrop


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