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Please send all PMs to "Reevinja Mk II" If you leave a profile comment, drop me a PM to let me know and I'll come check! xDD. Due to my current situation, I will simply not be logging into this account except for maybe once a month.
• About Me

Um. Hi. :]

I really don't know what to say about me over what you can already find here. On the left you can find where I am and my birthday (I'm a virgo!) - I'm also 21, and male. I haven't always used a female avatar, though I think I like them better. I used a male avatar for my first 4 years on Gaia (Dec 03 -> ~Nov 07) and switched for a change of pace.

Yeap. Although I probably didn't need to tell you when I started, since its like... to the left there, too.

You can find my hobbies and favourite things below, though I guess the one thing they don't tell you is I'm quite into graphic design. I don't really have any examples on the page, but usually if I have a signature image (linked or not) - I made it, in photoshop. Generally I can make others one too, though I never charge because sometimes I just can't get inspired... other times I get too inspired, which usually leads to a good deal of new files on my system. xDD.

I procrasinate. A lot. An insane lot. It took me like... two years to finally start typing things for my profile, and I kept putting it off every time I went back around to it. As well, I'm very OCD about certain things - buuuut... that's all real life stuff, so you don't have to worry about that (generally... xD.) I'm a bit too organized for my own good, I think.

Um... Yeah. I really don't know what else to say about me. I like comments, and PMs - so feel free to drop me one or the other, or both, if you're in the mood to chat. I don't usually give away my IM information, so PMs and comments will have to do until I like you enough. ;P

I'm usually up for RPing and such, if you were going to ask about that. /Shrug.


I run a Dungeons & Dragons guild, of which I DM a number of games. :] You can find a link to it here.

• My Hobbies

None other than what I like to do in my spare time. xD

• Drawing.
• Reading.
• Writing.
• Roleplaying.
• PC & Console Gaming.
• Tabletop Gaming (Dungeons & Dragons, D20 Modern, etc... )
• Watching Movies.

• Playing Favourites

I could list everything I like, or all my favourites but I think that would take too much space so I'm just listing the ones I think I like more than the others... Playing favourites.

You can always ask if I like something not here! Since I couldn't cover everything (well, I could have but then nobody would read it... )

If you couldn't tell (it may not be so easy!), I like mostly older movies, games, and music. I don't read a whole lot, though.

Colour: Blue
Number: Two
Food: Pizza
Books: Ender's Game, Redwall
Anime: Trigun, Full Metal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop
Movies: Army of Darkness, Equilibrium, Boondock Saints, Big Trouble in Little China, Titan A.E.
Music Genre: Rock
Songs: Shinedown - 45 (Acoustic), Bon Jovi - Blaze of Glory, The Urge - Its My Turn to Fly
Bands/Artists: Bon Jovi, Shinedown, Oasis, Queen, Barenaked Ladies, Aerosmith.
Game Genre: RPGs, Strategy RPGs
Games: Chrono Trigger, Wild Arms 1, Earthbound, Disgaea, Okami, Parasite Eve.
Game Series: Wild Arms, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil
Consoles: Super Nintendo, Xbox 360.

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Inu Harrlance Report | 10/20/2011 9:29 pm
Inu Harrlance
You don't know me but .... you should try "Soul nomad and the world eaters" game. Its on Ps2 . Made by the same people who made Disgea and I would like to add that one day I want to play D&D. But, I can never find time or a place to play it. but soon I will. maybe we'll meet again. either way I just wanted to tell you about an awesome rpg game you may want to add to your collection. ^-^.
SlenderBender Report | 04/24/2011 7:43 am
Just wanted to say thanks for making the D&D guild.
It's sweet c:
aimike3 Report | 03/13/2010 10:38 am
Greetings Reevinja!

I am Aimike3, and I have noticed that your dungeons and dragons guild has become overwhelmingly popular. Could you please tell me how your guild became the bustling center of dungeons and dragons roleplaying that it is today? I'm making a guild of a similar type, a Final Fantasy d20 guild (yes, someone made a rulebook to it biggrin ) and so far, it only has one member. Could you please help? Thank you for your time.

Bearded Senpai Report | 03/22/2009 9:57 am
Bearded Senpai
i have a question about your D&D guild.

What if one of the people who wants to join is an old school player that has never played D20 in his life? *points to myself*
timespacewitch Report | 10/25/2008 3:00 pm
thanks for the healing!
The Egg Man Report | 06/17/2008 8:01 pm
The Egg Man
Just wanted to say thanks for helping me out. I still haven't gotten it connected but I'll have my IT friend come over and take a look.

Thanks again.
Sprainogre Report | 06/05/2008 7:44 am
Why thank ya kindly miss. I like how it's all come together myself. Especially the Baron there, perched on my hat. I just wish I could get this cigarette to light...
Uncontrollable Tears Report | 05/18/2008 6:03 pm
Uncontrollable Tears
Thaaanks for buying from my stooore! :]]
Akira__K. Report | 05/18/2008 10:55 am
Thank you for your purchase! 8] User Image
Staticman_09 Report | 05/17/2008 3:54 pm
Thanks for buying =]

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