I am a freelance writer residing in California, emphasizing in fiction, poetry, drama, and LGBT-oriented literature. I also work as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter, being a former member of the Southern California-based band the Castle Town Convicts.

Since 2005, I have operated as Captain of the Barely-Knowns Guild on Gaia Online. You can find the guild below:

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121. The conversations we have:
Violaceous Vertigo: [...]everyone else keep laughing at kitties and the thought of vomiting rainbows.
Reeves: What about kittens who vomit rainbows?
cheesy nipples: Taking "Taste the Rainbow" a little too far?
Reeves: They shouldn't have eaten so many Skittles, then.
cheesy nipples: But they're so yummy and chocked full of e-numbers and pretty colors.
Reeves: But they could cause RAINBOW RAGE. IN YOUR STOMACH.
cheesy nipples: NOOO! The power of the rainbow would overwhelm you! You'd become like a multicolored super saiyan every time you rage!
Reeves: Oh, no, no, no. The only strength that rage would give you is enough speed to run to the nearest basin or toilet.

122. First it was fun, and then it got weird:
Oral Steering Wheel: Too much sax in this avatar. Should be covered up.
Reeves There is never too much sax. mad
Oral Steering Wheel: But...think of the children! So easily swayed to the heathen ways of smooth jazz and club music! Is there no hope?
Reeves: At some point or another, children must learn about sax. Otherwise, how will they cope without sax education?
Oral Steering Wheel: And the practice of safe sax is a sharp point. It really helps you stay out of treble, on the clef of potential disaster when dealing with those bass hooligans with no sense. Ow. Why did I do that to myself? So punny. D:
Reeves: ...Damn it. You win. You win all the points. But as far as safe sax goes...always wet your reed and clean out your horn?
Violaceous Vertigo: ALWAYS keep it clean. You don't know what you might catch if you don't. [/formerbandnerd] [/currenteasilyamusednerd]
Reeves: And never ever get it rusty.
Nu Lucrezia: Dunno about that last one, getting a rusty trombone is pretty awesome.
Reeves: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gonk

123. Setting the record "straight":
cheesy nipples: Why does there have to be crying? No crying. Drink wine until you don't want to cry.
Reeves: Well, crying can mean emotional release. So while you're indulging in le booze, you're cleansing yourself of sorrow. It's a win-win.
cheesy nipples: Great. Glad I could help. Now, if there's anything else I can help "release" while we're drinking. wink
Reeves: I'll stick with my girlfriend for that release, thanks. razz
cheesy nipples: Spoil sport. No drunken fun?
Reeves: Not with dudes, at least. razz
cheesy nipples: I can always dress up.
Reeves: Not the same.
cheesy nipples: Pshh, you're just being picky.
Reeves: No, honey. I'm just being gay.


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This was a journal once simply for keeping my many interviews with fellow Gaians. Now it is also the place where I archive memorable quotations, moments, and all around awesome stuff. Enjoy!


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Hey, stranger! Hope life is treating you wonderfully. whee heart
Princess of the Raindrops

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Princess of the Raindrops

Hey captain? I think its high time you send out an announcement to all members in the guild about maybe comming back?
Cuz i kinda wanna host a contest but theres nobody there gonk
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Every once in a while, I rise from the dead. Just felt like letting a choice few know. Not sure if I'll come back though.

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There seem to be massive gaps in activity around your profile and guild. Three years is a hell of a long time, you know. xp

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