Hello, there! I'm RedXMoonlight, but you can just call me Red or RedX, if you like. I've been on and off Gaia for awhile now and I have a few other accounts. I'm bringing this account back to life at least temporarily so I can recruit people for my roleplay website. Here's the link if you'd like to see it:


Feel free to leave a comment or PM me with a question about it. My username on the site is ZephyrPunk.

I'm also a member of FanFiction and DeviantArt. If you'd like to check out some of my stuff my FanFic account is InoIceQueen and my Deviant is eLoQuEnTeVeRgReEn.

I also adore random PMs and comments so feel free to leave one! I must warn you, I'm quite a talker. 3nodding


I have little to no experience with one on one roleplay, but I'd like to try it out. I'm also usually up for roleplay in general. I am, if you couldn't tell, literate. Here's some things you should know before asking to roleplay with me:

-I won't cyber
-I won't roleplay with you if you aren't literate
-Don't expect me to have a plot in mind. If you want to ask me to roleplay with you, please have some plot ideas in mind already.
-I will roleplay based off of series or original roleplays, it doesn't matter too much.
-I will roleplay over PM, in a forum, or in a guild. Doesn't matter.
-I do have a life, believe it or not, so please be patient if I don't reply right away. I will try and let you know in advance if I think it may be a day or two.
-I don't do yaoi or yuri
-Not sure if I'll do something, or if I'm familiar with what you want to roleplay? Don't be afraid to ask. I won't bite! :3


Just Pretending site- Naruto, Harry Potter

School RP- wilting rose in the dark

Marauders Era- Rain in Russia

CURRENTLY WANTING TO ROLEPLAY: Percy Jackson and the Olympians


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join my rp plzz
Manakete Selena

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Manakete Selena

Seriously though, when you get back on, check out Storyteller's Castle.

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Hey Red, are you alive? you didn't get eaten by Geometry homework right? xD Do you think you could swing by the Storyteller's Castle soon?can
Rose The Flower Alchemist

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Rose The Flower Alchemist

Use two of what at once? I figured out how to make a quest bar show up. I just picked a big amount so if I reach it I'm sure to have enough to get two reeds
Rose The Flower Alchemist

Report | 09/15/2009 3:17 pm

Rose The Flower Alchemist

Oh how could I use it for questing for two of one item? I've seen people with quest bars on their signatures before. Thanks. I'll look at it
Rose The Flower Alchemist

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Rose The Flower Alchemist

I forgot what I said but if its relaxing then not too often actually rare and if it happens then I don't know how it happens. Thanks ^_^ I been trying to get a lot of gold so I can get some items I been finding to combine to have an avi I got in my head right now. I don't know how to describe it because I don't know how to exactly
Rose The Flower Alchemist

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Rose The Flower Alchemist

No, just whenever she wants to use the internet since they don't have internet she uses my signal. She also comes down whenever gma says she needs the lawn mowed or she wants to come down when her dad brings us any eggs, tomato's, or green beans.
Rose The Flower Alchemist

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Rose The Flower Alchemist

I'm good when not having anxiety issues. They seem to be worse when I'm home in my hands feeling nervous and anxiety being high. I put in an application to Block Buster so I'm hoping they hire me -crosses fingers- I need something to give me a break from my gma and all the anxiety, stress, and problems I have due to living with her and having to put up with my cousin when she comes over that I was compared to all my growing up life
Rose The Flower Alchemist

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Rose The Flower Alchemist

I have tylanol also got advil and 2 pain killers my doctor prescribed. One is 3 times daily as needed and the other is only for sever pain only. I know I can't drive if I take the stronger one. If I take the 3 times daily one normally one will get me through when I'm having pain.
Rose The Flower Alchemist

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Rose The Flower Alchemist

It's fine, I understand. Don't worry -hugs- right now just dealing with back pain from laying on my back too much or just for trying to sit up straight a lot. -sigh- with issues of breathing due to allergies and random pains hitting in sides, back, chest, stomach just all over the place with dizzyness.


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