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It begs repeating

"God did not reward men for being honest, generous and brave, but for the act of faith. Without faith, all the so-called virtues were sins. And the men who practiced these virtues, without faith, deserved to suffer eternal pain. All of these comforting and reasonable things were taught by the ministers in their pulpits -- by teachers in Sunday schools and by parents at home. The children were victims. They were assaulted in the cradle -- in their mother's arms. Then, the schoolmaster carried on the war against their natural sense, and all the books they read were filled with the same impossible truths. The poor children were helpless. The atmosphere they breathed was filled with lies -- lies that mingled with their blood. "


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A whole lot of nothing.

My name is Kevin, I'm a 24 year old from Northern Ireland.

I live in a small village in N Ireland, and I hate this place, but I'm stuck here for now.

I like reading books, sci-fi and fantasy usually though not restricted to those genres. I play a hell of a lot of computer games, and watch a lot of tv and movies. I surf the net and post on many forums. I listen to heavy metal and punk music mostly, but again not restricted to those genres. I'm your basic geek, and proud of it. I love science and computers. Especially Physics.

I've been an Athiest now for about 10 years and hold many opinions accordingly. I believe in freedom for all, regardless of colour, ability or sexuality, and I regularly argue for this. Politically I'm a liberal, and support left-wing parties in elections. I think of myself as very open minded, but I hate people who try to lie for their agenda, especially when the majority of people are too stupid to see what's happening. I regularly find myself sticking up for people or groups in online debates against bigoted assholes too stupid to understand their own arguments, they're merely posting what others have said to them. I find this depressing.

What I want more than anything else is peace, I want everyone to be happy. And they aren't. We just can't leave everyone else alone, we are constantly trying to force our beliefs on others...And I'm as guilty as everyone else.

I love my species, humanity has done so many wonderful things over the millennia, the things we've built, the things we've learned, the things we've created. The battles we've fought against our own human nature to make everything that little bit better for everyone else. And I see us trying to destroy it all. The wars, the bombings, the murder and theft, the unnecessary bullying. Some times I really hate my species. Your basic love/hate relationship. sad

*Sigh* That's enough from me for now. If you've read this then I thank you for your indulgence. If you've any questions comments then please feel free to email me, my address is, and, and I'll explain my position in more detail.


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heartofsilver777 Report | 04/22/2011 8:16 pm
1. Thanks for helping my thread get to 5 pages!
2. Thanks for getting pissy. My goal was to get people mad and the only thing I read from the article was the piece I quoted excluding the link to the "quote" section. I agree with that one piece of the article and I didn't even read the whole article ,it was way too long. The other goal was to get a bunch of pages at least over 3.
3. Thanks for the comment gold! LOL
Naiax Sidorenka Report | 09/10/2010 10:18 pm
Hey, redem, I think you probably already noticed, but it would seem someone has set your avi's head on fire and is sacrificing it to satan.

just a head's up.
POW McCain Report | 01/02/2010 7:57 pm
Your Avatar seems like he would be from Australia. But no, your from Ireland!
POW McCain Report | 01/02/2010 5:54 pm
Jeez, for a second I thought you lived in the other Ireland. That damn blasphemy law.
Jay Riot Report | 09/27/2009 1:24 pm
Nah he's a parody, like the opposite of you in every way but looks.
Jay Riot Report | 09/27/2009 12:40 pm
I don't know...his posts are like yours but no facts. Looks like you too. I think it's a good parody.
Jay Riot Report | 09/26/2009 10:53 pm
I think captain is a right-wing parody of you.
Call Me Apple Report | 09/02/2009 12:09 am
Hiya, saw some of your posts in threads on 'US Constitution and Medicare' and 'Waterboarding'
You've got good opinions, you're one of like 3 people in that thread that dont make me stare at my monitor with a WTF face.

Although after reading your profile, i see why i liked your posts xD I'm a liberal too and can agree with you on the love/hate relationship with the Human element.
Cheers ~
Dakk Report | 08/09/2009 4:54 pm
Just wanted to stop by and say "Hey, thanks for being polite, in your opposition to my thoughts and feelings."

Omnileech is making personal attack after personal attack on me, without ever posting facts, or even conjecture, relating to the actual topic of my thread.


I miss you and the other sane opposition I've run into.

Thanks again, and have a good day. (week/month/year/decade/century)
V10118564 Report | 07/05/2009 8:30 am


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