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Hi, the names Amy, but you can call me Red. I am asian, if you can't figure which one just ask and I'll tell you. If I'm actually on I'm simply chatting with friends; I use to roleplay, but I don't really have to the time to anymore or I'll give a REALLY slow reply. When I'm offline I'm usually out of the house with friends. ATM I am not in college, but I have taken college classes. I have started singing which I love, my idol being Hayley Williams. I haven't started writing or recording, but I do sing a lot. This is a question I always get asked after a while so I'll say this much, love shouldn't be defined to one type, there are a lot of different people why limit yourself to half of them? I am currently in a relationship; I love you, Gene.

Now I do have a lot of dislikes and pet peeves. One of the biggest is I'm not a fan of second chances and if you screw up once that is usually it for me. Also anything a man can do a woman can do just as well if not better and that is that; we are fierce and deserve to be treated as equals. I also don't like racist/prejudice. I feel like in this day and age you should know better then hating someone for no reason other then they look different or do thing that you don't agree with. I do have hot temper, I am impatient and from arguments I've gotten into I'm arrogant.

If you think you can deal with me then send me a message first, don't just send me a random friend request or I will deny and ignore you.