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Kingdom Hearts III - Final Distance

Syai ( シャイ ) is one of the three new characters amongst a group of friends with a Keyblade bearer and a Nobody. She is originally born in Twilight Town and spends her time travelling now with her friends. She makes her own keyblades from suiting materials but never uses them due to them not being effective and only simple replica's.

She is seventeen when she first leaves Twilight Town with Rasahix who took her to Traverse Town, and eventually meets Emrys there too. Part of her name, Ai means "Love" ( 愛 Ai ).

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Hi! My names Syai but just call me Ai. I live in Twilight Town and I'm 17 years old, young..whatever'ish. My best friends are both a little odd but loveable in their way. I love the sunset, I got used to it in my hometown.. Olette is really sweet! I like staying around her whenever Pence and Hayner aren't. Anyways, stay on my good side please, my bad side isn't as sweet..? I'm no princess at all. Perhaps Tomboy is more suiting..?