I don't deserve you. . . I never did

Hey there! The name's Emrys!
I'm the Keyblade wielder of the Guardien des Rêves (Guardian of dreams)
I'm currently a resident of the good old Traverse Town~ I'm 18 years old and still living life!
I currently stay with the old man. Yeah, you should know him by the name of Cid! I'm a...somewhat trouble maker I suppose, always breaking stuff in there... not always on purpose.... Hehe, who am I kidding? It's fun to see him get so fired up when he's angry!
One day, I met the strange guy Rasahix, who claims he's from Radiant Garden er- Hollow Bastion or whatever.. The fricken guy can use a gun man, a fricken GUN. Then I met Syai, who claims she's from Twilight Town. Why the heck can she use swords...? *stares at Keyblade* Actually, ever since I met Ai... I started feeling drawn to her... like I wanted to be around her more... but... no. I shouldn't. Not after what happened not too long ago.

Just remember that if you leave, you become my enemy.
Rechained Emrys
The Venomous Precisionist
Rechained Syai