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Birthday: 03/27

Ask me stuff...

Who are you? I'm Becca, the bestest ninja in your ear!
How old are you? 100-90 5-1. So 14 then biggrin
Do you have a boyfriend? Yes, I do xD
Will you be my friend? Only if i can have cookies :3
Who is your best friend? I have two: Kuro and Yukai. And I loves them lots. <33
How many languages can you speak quite fluently? Three: English, French & Welsh. biggrin
Who are you in love with? My boyfriend, duh. <3
Are you a virgin? No I'm not smile
How much gold do you have at the moment? About 30k, I had 1Mill but I gave it away to my children XD
Have sex with me? When and where? Haha.

So yeah, that's basicly me. But before I go I have one thing to ask you....IS THAT COCAINE?!

Buh byeee and GOOD EVENING! xD


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I love Shaun of the Dead! heart biggrin

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Wheeeeeeee. La la la. Once you have read my journal there is no going back. You will have lost your mind when you read the stuff I write about. Haha. Kidding. You thicko!

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