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Happy Noodle Boy714 Report | 06/26/2018 12:00 am
Happy Noodle Boy714
Yeah it sucks when your enjoying yourself and it comes to an end. Its more a look forward to next time.
Happy Noodle Boy714 Report | 06/16/2018 10:46 pm
Happy Noodle Boy714
Sounds like you had a good time. Thats awesome im glad you enjoyed yourself.
Happy Noodle Boy714 Report | 05/31/2018 10:54 pm
Happy Noodle Boy714
Thats normally i am. I try to be easy going and as level headed as possible. But enough of this silly old Mary Jane. How is my spiderman doing?
Happy Noodle Boy714 Report | 05/29/2018 10:38 pm
Happy Noodle Boy714
And i would never take my anger on you cause its not your fault.I thought i sounded rude but im glade i didnt. Its okey he was a sweet heart but life moves on.
Happy Noodle Boy714 Report | 05/25/2018 1:37 am
Happy Noodle Boy714
Its okay. I really dont like bringing up anything sorrowful, but it was right as i got on gaia that i was informed of it. So that kind of killed my mood.
Happy Noodle Boy714 Report | 05/19/2018 11:32 pm
Happy Noodle Boy714
Sorry how can i have denied the power of spiderman . Sorry if i sound a bit sour i just had to bury one of my cats who got hit bye a car.
Happy Noodle Boy714 Report | 05/11/2018 9:50 pm
Happy Noodle Boy714
Im much better.As i said this Mary jane is stronger then any sickness. I can abosorb any of your sickness and take it upon me to destroy it.
Happy Noodle Boy714 Report | 05/08/2018 9:17 pm
Happy Noodle Boy714
I just relieved you of your duty. Someone had to take that nasty cold away from spiderman. Thank you im still pretty sick but im sure i'll get over it.
Happy Noodle Boy714 Report | 05/03/2018 11:05 pm
Happy Noodle Boy714
You dont have to apologize. Months years how ever long its sweet for you to come and check up on me. I feel like im comeing up with a bit of cold but thats nothing Mary Jane cant handle.
Happy Noodle Boy714 Report | 04/27/2018 11:11 pm
Happy Noodle Boy714
4laugh My spiderman came to say hello. That made my day....No it saved my day. heart


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