-you can call me razzle
-my real name is Lindsay
-I'm 22. old. .___.
-I'm recently graduated from Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Science in Biology
--> I'm currently job searching and doing some self-reflection ;]
----> one day, I think it'd be incredible to have my own baking business or food blog.
-I've been on Gaia since February of '04
-I'm not on much anymore; real life things get in the way.
-when I AM on, I'm usually vending, changing my avatar, or checking out the "Made for Each Other" thread
-I also LOVE playing zOMG during events. Like the GE or Jack.
-->other than that, I'm pretty terrible at zOMG sweatdrop

Skeet the Skizzle
touka miyashita
Alas, German homework! Thou art a cruel, fickle mistress!
If German homework is your mistress, who is the wife?

Me. blaugh
Negative. If razzle was anybodies wife there would be no need for them to have a mistress.


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It's my life, it never ends

I never write in this.



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You are an amazing artist!
Skeet Draconis

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Skeet Draconis

User ImageAll was shattered, and all but memory lost, and one memory above all others...


...of him who brought the Shadow and the Breaking of the World. And him they named Dragon.
Skeet Draconis

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Skeet Draconis

User ImageHey flamingo. :]

So many stories, so little time.
touka miyashita

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touka miyashita

What, my "In Towns" stalker button isn't working?
touka miyashita

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touka miyashita

I always suspected you were on Team Edward.
touka miyashita

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touka miyashita

Hoping to get engaged? I suggest leaving copies of "Modern Bride" lying around.
Anyway good luck with that and I suggest you have a chocolate fountain at the wedding. It's what everybody remembers about mine.
touka miyashita

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touka miyashita

I guess there's no harm in putting on a wall what I have put on a forum: I am preparing to procreate. This mostly involves horse-pill sized vitamins and whatnot.
touka miyashita

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touka miyashita

My timing is impeccable, I must admit 4laugh
touka miyashita

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touka miyashita

Razzmataxzz! I hope the cruise was pleasant!
The Lightning Rod of Hate

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The Lightning Rod of Hate

Thanks a lot! :'D


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