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A bit about good ol' me.
Well I'm a good natured guy that's easy to get along with I've always got an open ear for my friends and am always ready to lend a helping hand. I'm crazy and random with a little bit of sweet and serious thrown into the mix so I'm always looking for friends and hope to eventually find that one I can grow close to.

Name:My real name either isn't important or I don't know you well enough to give you my name so just call me Raz.

Age:Suffice to say all those things that are illegal for you aren't for me

Cation: I can be very flirtatious at times.

Likes:Goth Chicks, Huge Breasts, Music, Watching movies, Being outside, Reading, Video games

Dislikes:Stupid people

Alias: Dead Requiem

If you are genuinely interested in talking to me or getting to know me hit me up on meebo I'm BlackDesolation look for me.

~Insanity is not a curse its just a gift many don't understand.~



~Desolate One~


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