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Hai, I am Rayshells! I’m touched that you’ve lurked your way here owo it kinda makes me feel special that you’re curious about this little character I’ve been playing on since 2011. Anyhow, although I’m no stranger here, a lot of things have changed already— so if you found me lost and lurking somewhere on a corner being weird, don’t worry… I’ve just had my shot for rabies owo jkjk, I’m really harmless— I wouldn’t even dare pick up the last pudding in the fridge because I know you want it… and you should know that I want you. Definitely not in creepy way, ha ha cough ha (y owo)y but it would really make my day if you gave yourself to me as a sacrifice to my breadsticks become my friend u/////u oh shucks, typing this is making me blush.

So yeah, friend me hooman, I give you nugger (ewe)/ oh and, I like to draw.