<CENTER>About Rayquaza</CENTER>

Rayquaza is one of a trio of legendary Pokémon, alongside Kyogre and Groudon, that represents Pokémon Emerald and appears on its cover art. In the legend surrounding the three, Rayquaza represents the sky, while Kyogre and Groudon represent the sea and the land, respectively. Rayquaza resides within the ozone layer of the Earth and has lived there for hundreds of millions of years without ever descending. To those who have observed Rayquaza from the surface of the planet, Rayquaza has always appeared to be a zooming meteor. Rayquaza feeds on water and particles in the Earth's atmosphere. It is said to only descend from the ozone layer if Kyogre and Groudon were to fight, in order to end the feud and maintain the balance of nature.