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My full name is Amy Aminata Traoré & this is moi. Try to find me. I'm half African & French Canadian. This is why I speak fluently French. I've learned English not too long ago. I live somewhere in North America, guess where? Oh and I'm currently a College Student. So, comment me. Please do! ♥

Kathie's hack
Hi, this is Kathie/Chelsea. Amy was the first person I ever met on gaia. She was the only one out of the entire rally to actually talk to me... when I was a complete and utter noob. She stuck with me through it all, my ups and downs, and I've been there for hers aswell. We ended up having our own ups and downs, but hey, doesn't every friendship have them? We ended up being the bestest of friends. I honestly can say, whenever I talk to Amy, she makes me laugh, and giggle, and smile. Sometimes I even make the oddest of faces, because of some of the f*cked up things she say, but all in all. She's great. She's always there. I trust her with all my life, and if I could tell anyone anything, it'd be Amy. Because I know she'd never judge me, or make me feel guilty for the things I've done. Amy is beautiful, stunning, pretty, cute, and everything in between aswell. Any guy would be lucky to have her. I don't know why anyone would ever leave her. They'd be crazy too. Even though she does get dramatic sometimes, so does everyone, and you just need to learn to put up, or shut up. I love her. I love you Amy.