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Friends call me Ray or Mr.X since I treat every one properly respected. If you sense I'm out of line, plz don't hold back and Pm your concern or opinion. I do have a life and I'll try to respond as soon as possible. I don't expect every on to add me but take some time to know me and I won't disappoint. If I do then place me in the ignore list so I don't disturb you in the near future.

I also a Consultant if you require advice or opinion but in order for that to happen I'll need a bit of personal info involving the discussion.
I also am an Alchemist which Level 8 at the moment but due to transformation alchemy, I on occasions have accidents and face off "hordes of evil" XD.

Today I will have courage
To do one thing that is new
I will be kind to another
And to myself be true
Today I will remember
The blessings that are mine
I'll live the day with confidence
And for me the sun will shine.
Don't admire the rough diamond who speaks,
Calls a spade a spade, leaves all pretence behind
And everyone knows where they stand.

Blunt and to the purpose, no cap in hand
With hob-nailed boots, never stoops
Nor deigns to jump through social hoops,
The rough diamond who speaks its mind.
But for those more civilized and refined
You can open your heart and speak your mind.
Be yourself, and from your inner comfort words will come
To clothe the substance of your being
Someone else will wonder at your social grace,
Bask in the light reflected from your face,
The polished diamond who speaks its mind.
Speak from the heart and mind…
The Ghost of Anemone

What I do when I meet people who are ignorant and thick headed

Loving Daughter