Together (It Gets Better. By: Me)


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Birthday: 06/23


My name is Darby.
You can call me,
Rayne or Darby
I'm pan-sexual.
I love music.
And helping people
So talk to me. please.

We've all felt this before.
Just being tired of everything.
Just like you're left out and need an escape.
It's running through your mind.
Self-harm, or suicide.
Don't think for a second more that it is the
only option. It is not.

One thing that my sad/depressed friends have learned
about me is that I don't go around flaunting
secrets or information to people. I keep it locked away
inside a special part of my brain that is reserved for
helping people. And all my friends that i have made over
that years that truly have confided in me for help, we've
never stopped talking and they know they can come back to
me anytime they need that comforting word or understanding
relationship. I'm here for you, and anyone else who needs it

You've got people all
around the internet and your real life who want to help. take this help.
Some people didn't or don't have it

I'm going to tell you this right now. No, i may not know your story,
or anything about you. But you have a heart, and a brain, and a body just like I do.
You have a soul just like I do.
I know pain, i know defeat, i know failure.
I know the feeling of just wanting to be gone.
And once it passes, once you find out that life has some kind of meaning to it.
It gets better. It's hard, but it gets better.

So many people have took their lives because of bullying, because of self-doubt,
because of anything and everything that is happening in their lives.
It's sad, depressing, and hurtful when you think about it.
But when you look and see that the people bullying are just trying to make themselves feel better,
it's not worth it. Bullying is their coping.
Just like self-harm is ours.
I do not support bullying, nor do I want to argue the fact of bullying being a good and better coping.
Coping with the pain should be smiling, and seeing the bright side to things.

You're probably wondering by this point, "How does she know this kind of pain?" or "How can she relate to my suffering?"
Well, as a child my depression was apparent to nobody but myself.
My parents just thought it was puberty or something like that.
My friends didn't notice any change in my attitude at school.
They never saw the scars, or the tears. I didn't allow them to.
But when the one friend ever asked what was wrong and I told them,
"Oh nothing" like many people do
They accepted that and didn't try to help.
I had to pull myself out of that hole.
Pull myself out and allow the brighter side of things to shine through.
It was only recently. On November 15 that I realized,
"Hey. I'm better than this disease. I can fight this."
And I have, I am.
But in the process. I'm helping people.
Just like you.
I'm here to give a helping hand and a listening soul who has been through the pain.

Private message me,
we can talk.