❥ My name is Jess & I’m 24 years old. My birthday is November 2nd.

❥ I am asexual panromantic, and I am married to an amazing man since 2017. We have

❥ I use the name Rayne to honor my father, who got diagnosed with end-stage lung cancer in July. Despite our differences, we're two peas in a pod.

❥ I have snapchat, tiktok and Instagram! DM me if you’d like the handles! But don't be creepy or I'll block you.

❥ I’m a Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Aquarius rising. I’ve been a secular solitary witch for over 6 years.

❥ My favorite film / tv genre is horror. I’m also pretty interested in medical shows! The Haunting series' and Greys Anatomy / Chicago Med are kinda my life. I also enjoy h2o & mako mermaids. I'm also a sucker for MLP: FiM. I'm just gonna add onto this list - Gilmore Girls, The Handmaid's Tale, Law and Order SVU,

❥ I listen to pretty much all kinds of music & make playlists on Spotify. Ask me for my username!.