Hello, good sir.

My name is Laina Lee, and I'd like to meet you. In my spare time I battle dragons on the back of my trusty platypus and fly through the skies with wings of a blue-footed boobie.

I'm fourteen-year-old girl going into high school, but most tend to think of me as a 27-year-old handsome homosexual man in his college years. This is my secret identity. Like Batman, I sneak away in the night to become my alter ego. But instead of turning into a super hero, I turn into a fabulous gay man who parties all night long.

When I'm not partying the night away as a man, I'm usually scouring the world with hopes to find my brother's step-father's uncle's niece's cousin's best friend's long lost endangered pet crested shelduck. Don't ask questions. You'll receive no answer.

I joined the Gaia community in hopes to gain panda furs and human skeletons, but alas, this quest has become fruitless. Instead, why don't we have a chat, or even an exchanging of avi art.

comment. it's good for you.