Hello everyone once again for I have changed my prof.
Yeah so hey it tis me Rayboygenius. I am some years old, I live in a city, and I go to a high school that sucks. You have to get to know me to find out more.

Back to the point. If you get to know me I'm a hyperactive, lazy, idiotic, violent, passive, genius, and yes I know thats and oxymoron. It'll make sense if/when you get to know me. Plus I'm not a great typer so please don't complain about it. I know I need to get better I'm practicing.

I like a lot of animes and mangas. It's hard to think of them off the top of my head but still my favs are, (not in this order) Naruto, (yeah I know) Bleach, (yeah I know) Tenjho Tenge, (super violent) Ikki Tousen, (awsomely violent) Ninja Nonsence, (just way too funny) Anima, (it just rules) and MÄR. (it PWNS all)

I listen to music, that doesn't burn out my eardrums (yes that meant metal) and I guess thats about it.

P.M. me if you want to know more
But before I go
I'm not emo and
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