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"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt." - Unknown
-About Me-
~My Name~:
You may call me: Rawr or Aku
~My Age~:
Hey! Welcome to my Profile! I hope you like it cause I didn't create the layout.. Hehehe..
Well I've been a Gaia member since their first few years of starting off, but this account was made way after their birth.
I love to have Avi art, so if you are feeling generous please draw me? cx
I am a gamer, I tend to rage quite a lot, my preferred system of choice is the PS3, I do also own a Xbox but its chilling big time in my closet so yeah cx
I am currently single~ Taking a break from all that drama and emotions. I do NOT online date, so don't bother asking or trying to put moves on me, I will simply friendzone you. <3
Any thing you wanna ask me I will sure to answer if its appropriate, I do not bite, I'm nice and I like to make new friends anytime.
Don't stalk my profile for too long Hehehe..
Have a nice day! <3

If you want to Role Play together, just PM me or leave me a comment. Either one will work. Just a heads up, I like 1x1 and not too crowded RP's. I like to take my time posting, especially when I'm researching for my post, so I don't want to race for my post. I am Semi - Literature I guess, I don't post Three paragraphs every time. It more like One Paragraphs or Two. It's rare when I get Writers block and one line my posts. I normally post more than once a day, 'cause I check every thirty minutes to see if someone has posted. So I guess I'm on top of things. When School starts I'll be less active, but I'll be sure to post.

"I'll advise you... don't mess with me: I know Karate, Judo, Tai Kwon Do, Jujitsu and 28 other dangerous words." - Unknown


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Report | 03/11/2014 6:52 pm


If you ever want to, Skype me as Snowangel_2

Report | 05/18/2013 8:35 am


Okayyy when I get home and on muh tablet, I'll ask my sis if she wants to also

Report | 03/25/2013 5:32 pm


Hey babe what's up? :3

Report | 03/03/2013 7:37 am


Thanks for buying!!!!!!!!!Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Report | 03/01/2013 8:25 pm


oh really? awesome thanks. I was actually wondering about the gold to money thing haha thanks for the tip on that

Report | 03/01/2013 8:15 pm


redface aww thanks. I wish I was as good as some of my classmates, but as long as I can make people smile with my art, then I am happy. Well I never really know what to charge people haha. I charged 10k for one girl and instead she's doing an art trade with me... and another guy thought 10k was too cheap so he doubled it when I drew his oc pony for him. Guess I should start selling at 30k? who knows lol

Report | 03/01/2013 8:04 pm


I'm so glad you do. That makes me happy. *hugs* emotion_hug

Report | 03/01/2013 8:00 pm


That's perfectly okay with me ^_^

Report | 03/01/2013 7:55 pm


thank you very much heart
Bad Memory Scene

Report | 12/03/2011 1:19 pm

Bad Memory Scene

Here is your finished art!
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[b:e327690e11][img:e327690e11]http://i1208.photobucket.com/albums/cc361/Akuhei_Shikyo/Roleplaying Charater Pictures/Gaia Avatar Art/RawrLovesYewArt1.jpg[/img:e327690e11]
I [/color:e327690e11][u:e327690e11]LOVE[/size:e327690e11][/u:e327690e11][/color:e327690e11] Free Avi Art of me <3
All art is accepted and I may Tip you just because you are sweet if you drew me <3
[/color:e327690e11][i:e327690e11] If You wish to grab my attention in the forums, Please quote me. Otherwise, It is likely that I will not come back to see your reply.