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I take crappy pichas.
I think Kool-aid tastes like pee.
I scream when i am frustrated.
Boys make me giggle.
I am not homophobic.
Do not categorize me. My personality is different from my image.
I do not have an attitude and overall a friendly person.
I like it when people talk to me...
Shows confidence to me. [:
I am very ticklish.
I am not conceited.
I'll add you as my friend if we have had a conversation atleast.
I love talking. :]
I smile alot too.
I hate grammar and spelling.
Food is delicious[especially junkfood].
I prefer people who wear clothes to those who wear none.
Comments make my day.
Posers are lame.
I dont talk to lame people.
Flattery will not get you everywhere.
I like gifts [:
Drawings are pretty;; especially if their made for me ♥.
My age is only as important as how mature I am.
I am not drug addicted.
Rude comments are ignored.
I know im not the prettiest but i can pretend to be. ^.^
I listen to hip hop/ any kind of music. :]
I am a girl.

I'm Rawr Imma Eat Yu! Yes i think i'm better than you and yes i will tell you to your face how much you SUCK and how Simply amazing I am. :] the most amazingest person you'll ever meet. And I like to Rip people down to thier soul therefore making them HATE me with a Deep Passion. :] Unless I lyk you.
You know what I've learned that if you have a dream , you should learn to chase it,and believe to capture it.I've finally figured out who are my real best friends.And this time, it won't change.I guess my mom was right , she was one those "friends," where they just come and then go without you even knowing it.She was my BEST friend, and now she is just a friend.She has a new best friend and it's sort of like she just let me go.But whatever i guess shes happier now..best friends are the ones that you can tell your deep dark secrets to and they wont judge you or tell a soul no matter what! theyre the ones that you have insane sleepovers with and just love being around them. theyre the ones that you have millions of inside jokes with and you can break out laughing to one of them and others will just stare.. theyre the ones who you pretend your related to everytime you go out in public with them. theyre the ones that instead of knocking on the door or asking to come over you just walk in and be like IM HOME! whats for dinner mom? theyre the ones that i love with all of my heart and i wouldnt trade them for the WORLD!(:

Whats the meaning of life??? I guess no one ever knows, so why does life have to be so complicated??? Everyday theres some kind of drama going on and everyday some one in this world dies. If the meaning of life is to sad and hurt, thats messed up. Life should be fun and happy. I try to stay happy by putting all the bad things that have happened to me behind me, but sometimes its hard. Theres some things that you just cant get rid of, and thats never going to change. But luckily, I have great friends that take my mind off the bad things and keep me going. Theyre the #1 reason to live for. When were together, none of the bad stuff matters, everythings right. I know life will never be perfect, but when things get hard...LIVE LOVE LAUGH xoxo

Friends are like condoms, they protect you when things get hard.

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