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this is a great day for me! wink wink , I used to own an animal rescue center when I lived in Louisiana.I am a dog lover.

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jellykans Report | 03/05/2018 8:42 am
Happy Birthday! Let e now if you get back on, ok?
jellykans Report | 03/05/2017 5:52 am
Happy Birthday! heart
jellykans Report | 03/02/2017 11:36 am
Hi, Rawnie, I see you were on 2/25 - that's such good news. I got back onlline 1/22 after 6 mo. offline for 2 back surgeries, haven't gone thru my friends list yet to see who is still on. Lots of people are returning for zOMG.....it's in testing now. The clan is meeting again on Friday and again on Saturday or Sunday, see upper left of my profile for details. We'll have a raffle as usual, and decide on a regular weekly meating time. Hope you can come!
Emeraldine Rushto Report | 06/23/2015 9:06 pm
Emeraldine Rushto
Dear Rawnie,
Good evening! Am beginning to wonder if you have taken ill & are currently in hospital? I hope that is not the case and will keep you in my prayers. PM me when you can.
Things turned whacky at the "salt mine'. We lost three employees in one fell swoop so until they get someone hired for the 3rd shift RA position, I am back working 3rd on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday nights --- not what I was hoping to do, but the place operates on such a skeleton crew normally that this really threw a curve ball to multiple people. My poor fellow kitchen workers are having to work 12 hour shifts & so are the two remaining CMAs on staff. I'm sure the boss will try hard as the dickens to avoid hiring anybody's relatives from now on!!! I just hope this doesn't mess up my Soc. Sec.?!

God bless you really good, smile
Emeraldine Rushto Report | 06/09/2015 10:02 pm
Emeraldine Rushto
Dear Rawnie,
Hope you're doing all right, fella? You said you weren't diagnosed till you were fifty, but you didn't say how many years ago that was. In spite of the nearly daily swelling & pain, I am still able to use my hands for most things --- if they ever get as bad as my feet and toes, I will have a serious problem! For now I am grateful that I am mostly in pretty good shape (especially for someone my age). Nobody ever thinks I am as old as I am; all I can say is that it must be genetics because most of the time I feel about 2 decades older. When I have a really bad day & can't open bottles or jars or cans, Cele says, "Give it to me ,Mom, and I'll open it --- that's why I'm sticking around, so I can help look after you in your old age because you've always been there and taken care of me!" I want a better life for her though; she deserves it because she is so smart & so talented in such a variety of areas!! I'm really proud of the young woman into which my daughter has blossomed.
Must hit the hay pretty quick before I fall asleep right here at the keyboard; it was a busy day today: worked around the apartment this morning and then put together a picnic this afternoon and drove out to Stars Cave Park & Nature Preserve with Cele! But must get up early in the morning so we can both cycle through the shower and be ready to leave no later than 9:30 because her job interview at Notre Dame is at 10:00 sharp!
You never mentioned whether there is a Mrs. or children or grandchildren in your life. Certainly you must have had the opportunity to have a full and complete life before your health threw you this curve ball?! I hope part of the reason I don't hear from you much is that you are busy with family visits. Do your loved ones know about your participation in the World of Gaia? I pray it is one of those things that you can share with your loved ones. I am sure they understand your need for something in your life beyond the walls of your bedroom. After all, you still have a good brain and your eyes & ears work and you can still communicate --- it's not like you were just lying in bed brain dead, being kept "alive" only by machines!!! PM me when you can, and I will keep you in my prayers.

Buenos noches, mi amigo, smile wink
Emeraldine Rushto Report | 06/04/2015 2:03 pm
Emeraldine Rushto
Thurs. , a lazy afternoon

Hey, Rawnie! Nice to meet you; you sound like a well rounded person with a wide variety of things you like. Wow! It must have been really rewarding running an animal shelter. Are you no longer in Louisiana? Have you considered starting up another animal shelter where you are located? I love dogs too, but when we lived down in Texas, we opted for bringing home a Dutch Rabbit instead -- kept Izzy in a tri-level cage in the kitchen (closed all the doors and blocked off areas we didn't want her to get to for her own safety and then let her run around the house for exercise when we were home) and spoiled her rotten! I cried when we gave her away when we moved out of my brother's house -- we rented from him till he sold it. Unfortunately, apartments and pets just don't mix very well, and a lot of complexes plain don't allow pets anymore. Those places that do allow a pet tend to charge "an arm and a leg" for a pet deposit -- way too rich for my blood.
OK, that was a lot of rambling. Think I'm turning into an air head in my old age! Anyway, just wanted to say hello and to let you know you have a really cool avi! If you'd like to try developing an online friendship with an old married lady (my daughter and I live up in Iowa right now and my husband is down in Texas still -- been married eight years) just send an official friendship request or PM me.

Have a great day,
Finder of Spirits Report | 01/13/2015 8:47 am
Finder of Spirits

It has been very boring here since they took Zomg off. All I can do is make money and no reason to spend it. sad
QueenCiliegia Report | 08/28/2014 4:41 pm
Thank you for buying! smile
carwyn26 Report | 08/14/2014 4:34 pm
Thanks for the buy
Antonia123 Report | 08/14/2014 3:59 pm
Thanks for buying!



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