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What i'd like, but can't afford!


My Basic Life

I'm Matt, i'm 16 and i'm a pretty layed back guy. I'm from Mississippi, and I have a pretty bad country accent, but I look nothing like a country boy. I'm a very strong Christian, so the first time you say GD, you better believe i'm gonna be pissed at you! My hobbies are, chillin with friends, playing soccer, and playing drums for my band. I have 7 pets from dogs to parrots ha! Well that's enough abount me I'd like to get to know you! If you'd like to get to know me better add me, if you want comment me haha!
Have you ever loved someone so much, that when your away from them your frowning and wanting to be with them? And when your with them your smiling and want to be holding them? How about being with the one you love for 5 years.. It's hard.. But life goes on.
Top 5 favorite songs!

1.Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire
2.Alesana - Apology
3.Escape The Fate - Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche
4.Bring Me The Horizon - Diamonds Aren't Forever
5.The Devil Wears Prada - Still Fly
Thanks For Getting to know a little about me haha.


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cant even deal Report | 07/11/2010 5:03 pm
cant even deal
thanks for buying!
-l- Zepar -l- Report | 07/10/2010 12:09 pm
-l- Zepar -l-
teehehehe what cha doooing? >w< nyaaaa~
-l- Zepar -l- Report | 07/10/2010 11:35 am
-l- Zepar -l-
-pokes- -pokes- -pokes- -pokes- im bored you can probably tell xD
l3abydoll Report | 07/04/2010 6:23 pm
yup sure doo.
-l- Zepar -l- Report | 07/02/2010 11:30 am
-l- Zepar -l-
OMG CONGRATZ :O omg we played in a cafe now u work in a restaurant kinda makes me laugh xD
-l- Zepar -l- Report | 07/02/2010 11:25 am
-l- Zepar -l-
am not Dx ok maybe i am ;D ow ow join the forgotten mansion a new rp i made with a friend biggrin
xStardust_Lunax Report | 07/01/2010 4:45 pm
ehhh, I'm winding down for the night, and CB'ing. Some other time though. ^^
-l- Zepar -l- Report | 06/30/2010 9:52 am
-l- Zepar -l-
You have shown enough bravery for now
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Uuuuuu Uuuu remember me? C:

Release the unwashable Sins upon me
foxyladyluvsu Report | 06/29/2010 1:00 pm
awesome tate in music i like ur background it is awezomes
xPsytx Report | 06/29/2010 11:11 am
Thank you for the purchase


You must have Faith, Raw Faith..

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I enjoy receiveing random comments, Avi Art, and donations haha.
I currently want Yama No Tamago 3rd gen. & Padmavati's Lotus.



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