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Location: in the tunnels of the vampire city Rabanastre

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I write poetry and short stories. I use to be really dark but I'm not anymore. I still love the gothic scene but I'm more rocker now sportin the jeans and sweet rock tees. Haha Sorta punkish. I have my own style at the most really. Music is my life and so is my lovable kitty!!

Name: Ravyn Ravnos
Race: Vampire
Clan: Leader of the Ravnos Clan
Likes: Blood, fighting, theiving, romance and scandals
Dislikes: Annoying humans, other clans and the leader of Lasombra

Ravnos Clan
Descendants of the gypsy Rom and their forebears in India, the Ravnos vampires lead nomadic unlives. Like the gypsies of history, the Ravnos are spurned due to their reputations as thieves and vagrants. Many Princes persecute the Ravnos because of the chaos that follows them. The Ravnos return their scorn manyfold, holding them in equal contempt. The Ravnos are also known for their ability to create amazing illusions, the better with which to trick their marks. Recently the movements of the Ravnos have become even more erratic than usual;whispers have begun to circulate among other clans that ancients of the clan have risen to direct their youngling's games.


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Journal of a Ravyn...(fallen_crow)

This will be a journal of my real life and what is going on. I will have personal stuff in here so be kind. If you're not I'll kick you. *smiles*


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Amaltheia Zamora Report | 10/28/2011 9:37 pm
Amaltheia Zamora
Yaay you're back on Gaia. I've missed you biggrin
Elizabeth_Lockheart Report | 12/16/2008 4:17 am
Krazy- Pitbull feat- Lil John

There you go lovey!
Alphasaurus Report | 05/24/2008 9:46 pm
hi luv ur avie
Ybellia Report | 04/25/2008 3:06 am
Thanks for purchasing in my store !
Jessianne Report | 02/04/2008 8:02 pm
"If kisses were water, I will give you a sea. If hugs were leaves, I will give you a tree. If LIFE was a planet, I will give you a galaxy. If friendship is life, I will give you mine. It's "World's Best Friends Week." Send this to all your good friends, even me (if i am one of them). See how many you get back. If you get more than 3, you are really lovable!"
Kinyuki Report | 01/20/2008 2:07 pm
Ah, get over it Rik.

Miss you sweetie.
Jessianne Report | 01/20/2008 12:46 am
Thanks for ignoring me.. >>;
Jessianne Report | 12/15/2007 12:21 am
I miss you too! ;;
zxcvbnmwertyuiop Report | 12/02/2007 5:46 pm
BlueytheDingo Report | 11/22/2007 10:53 am

*yiffs the comment box*

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